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As series mod for the Rugrats videogame series, I was asked by a user last week to make Rugrats Go Wild as a game. I just now realized that somehow when making the game on the site, something glitched and there are two copies of the leaderboard - one which has the game setup as well as an empty any% leaderboard (the real one), and one that has absolutely nothing. I want to delete the bad one, but everything Im finding regarding deleting a game is not working, despite me being a series mod and super mod for the game. What am I missing, or is this because a week passed since making the game?

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@PearPear I'm not sure that's still happening. @GhostSenpaiGhostSenpai made a thread about this game a month ago, and it's still there. Or perhaps the auto-delete doesn't apply to games added by series mods?

In any case, I second going to the support hub. Specifically, choose "Game & Series request", request adjustment to current game, then choose "other" and write your explanation.

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Games were never auto-deleted. They were flagged for site staff to review and then deleted manually. Not sure why that specific game was not deleted though.

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Deleted that one now (Thanks Shiken for DMing me about it lol), and looks like the Rugrats one was taken care of as well at some point

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