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  [user deleted]

You need to wait for an Admin to see this post and they can help you out.


Mainly because u don't know anything about the game and deleted real runs instead of verifying them?


Could you describe your problem in English (using punctuation and such)?

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Unless it was a security thing or the game page had already been created, an admin or mod must have stepped in.


You know everything about the game? This game isnt a 14 hour game rofl. Also why was my run deleted not verified when you was mod?


I confirmed that another admin made the moderator change intentionally


u have no authority to steal my page of me without permission.

It's not your page; it's a community page run by community moderators. I don't know what exactly happened prior to the moderator change, but your attitude in this thread doesn't really suit what we're looking for from potential moderators.

(Also note that during the week of major site updates, runs submitted could've possibly been broken.)


"dude seriously do you seriously like stealing my page because I wouldn't accept your WR I think you should just wise up an give the page back an there will be no arguments bout this okay the page was mine in the first place"

Im pretty sure he denied it. He Dosnt seem to know anything about the game. TBH I dont know why he would request mod in the first place.


Kirkq's answer was the best answer. It isn't your page, stephanallen7. I'm mod for the Army Men Series and Saints Row and if I wasn't doing my job and someone came along way more qualified, I'd willingly give up my role. This whole website is made for the community as a whole. You need to get over yourself because it has been shown, if only by your responses in this thread, you're unfit to have the privilege of being a mod.