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So I see that a group of three people decided to moderate every single Devil May Cry game, but as far as I can see, these three people only play DMC3 and DMC4.

As for me, I run DMC1, and being a WR holder, I know much about this game, that the leaderboards are just not done correctly. There's even an extremely stupid mistake, where a run is located in a completely incorrect category. The 43:11 run located in the Dante Must Die! section is actually a Normal mode run, which BTW is my run as well.

In reality, the big problem is trying to be all inclusive. Every single game in the DMC series is different from each other, that in reality, though they are all tied together with the series name, each game might as well be a different series(except for DMC3 and DMC4). So as a result, I actually don't think that these moderators are qualified for every single game in the DMC series. That said, I'm not sure of the state of the series, because as far as I know, there really isn't anyone who knows every single game well enough to moderate all of them.


I partly solved your issue.

You are now moderator of DMC1 and the series moderators don't have powers there anymore (it is easily changeable just in case).
As for the other games of the series, most of them don't have any specific moderator so I left things as they are. If some runners are willing to do the same thing as you just did, they can use this thread as well.


Gyoo's solution is pretty good for now. Down the line, we'll have private messages to facilitate communication between moderators.

Series moderation is more just having extra people who play similar games around to help if needed. If it becomes an issue they can just be shifted to their game(s) or have series moderators not affect certain games.