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I browsed the forums to see if this topic had previously been discussed and did not see any threads concerning the matter. My dilemma is that I run a game page for a leaderboard that is horribly incomplete. A lot of the runners have either moved on from speed running or at the very least, have moved on from running the game. However, I'm not sure if it would be considered unethical to add PBs for other players. I've seen this occur on countless leaderboards on this site and I don't really have any particular qualms with it (unless a specific runner has made it clear that they do not want their run on a leaderboard).

I'm not asking for the purpose of creating some philosophical debate. Instead, I simply would like to gain a better understanding on whether this is considered inappropriate to do. I want to see a complete and accurate leaderboard when possible but unfortunately, doing so would mean adding runs from players who may or may not want their runs posted.

What is the general consensus regarding posting other people's times?


IMO, just add all the times you can find, until someone actually does come along and request their time removed or something. I did that for a game that had only one or two "active" runners before me and a few others came along; I just added all the times I could find, since that made sense to me.

Do what you like, though. 😛


As long as it's not fake times, I don't see where the problem would be to add other player's times to your leaderboard. Even more if you already had a leaderboard for this game before and you're just transferring it here.


I can see your issue, and i handle it by contacting the runners directly and asking for their permission to add their runs to the leaderboard. So far, this is working out well for me.


The nice thing about this site is runners can remove their own times once they're hooked into their account, so worst case things are resolved quickly.

That said I work permission-based anyway.