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Not sure where to ask this, but I noticed that there's an option to add Japanese covers and names for games. However, I don't see any option that shows which one would be displayed. Does this option exist? If not, could it be added?

I think something like this would be best implemented by having an option (for all viewers) to change which language for the cover/name is showing (only changes for them of course). Either that, or one could be set by a moderator.


I was wondering the same thing! I included the Japanese titles and covers for the games I moderate but they don't appear anywhere besides the edit screen.


The japanese cover thing is for the translated site (which isnt released yet). So when your on the japanese you get to see the japanese covers and when you are on a different language (i dont know but they might add more options for more covers when they are closer to releasing) it shows a more localized cover you would recognize.

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Just added them for all my games. Should be fun to see.

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