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Hi. I want to submit my speedrun on Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands but the Date¤ inputbox inside the submit form is a littel bit buggy.

If i enter the open beta release date (2017 Feb 23rd) then this happens:

And if i enter the release date (2017 Mar 7th)
Then the result is: "Are you in the future?"

Is it even possible to upload speedruns there?
Sgitch uploaded a closed beta run i want to do the same now but with open beta run 😛

Thanks for helping me


seems like someone messed up the release date ^^
it's set to 7th march 2017 - which is obviously not in the past


the release date is the 7 Mar 2017 but not the beta witch was released on 2017 Feb 23rd (obvius beta starts befor release)

So can some admin fix this?


Why? The mods of the game can set the release date, which Sgitch has probably set to the official launch date, rather than the Beta release date.


That doesn't make sense why you would make it the beta release considering that's not an official release date of the game


@Tron_Javolta So that people can actually submit beta runs without the site telling them they can't. It automatically checks to make sure your run is after the game was released, but before or on the current day. Which makes it impossible to submit anything.currently.


after the release i will change it ofcourse


Ahh I gotcha, I've never seen someone try to submit beta runs before