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Making this thread so that it can be made apparent that we want communication to be more open, we also are aware that when a game is rejected there is generally a miscommunication and things sometimes get taken out of context. There have also been a handful of questions regarding the process or why something was accepted/rejected from awhile ago so we aim for this channel to be directly related for game requests discussion and support.

However, because of its nature we actually want to attempt to open those doors through the discord here: https:/​/​discord.​gg/​bhrhmFr

Since we all on staff handle situations personally for every person it makes more sense to be able to actively engage with users in actual real-time and it makes life easier for us to know who is handling or doing what for someone. I have made a post highlighting the purpose of the channel, so if my post becomes lost after sometime, please review the pinned messages.

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