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NVIDIA Shield and/or NVIDIA Shield TV (not sure if these need to be separate or can be combined together).

NVIDIA Shield TV for Twilight Princess. Also not sure why the CHN region is listed as CHN / iQue (if someone can explain this to me?)


I can only guess but I think CHN was combined with iQue like that because prior to this it was the only Chinese console on the site. Now that the Nvidia Shield is there with CHN games, CHN should probably be it’s own region and drop the iQue part and become like CHN/PAL or something like that.

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@Crankthatsnes That should probably just fall under "Web".

Edit: Nevermind, ignore me.


My bad, was thinking of something else entirely. Ignore me.


Truth be told, I would have expected the same thing, @ShikenNuggets

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@VirtualBlend you’re looking for

This thread is for adding consoles/platforms that games can be played on.


Not to be added, but more of a question. Why is Xbox One X under obscure?


Cause nobody owns one. :^)

Nah, uh, probably cause it's just an upgraded Xbone?


Compilation of requests since last update:

Dec 30 2017: @SomeBroYouDontKnow - Switch VC (Vs. Super Mario Bros.)
Jan 15 2018: @ED - Xbox360 arcade (Metal Arms)
Jan 16 2018: @eBloodyCandy - Fairchild Channel F ( )
Jan 18 2018: @Habreno - NVidia Shield TV (Twilight Princess)
Jan 21 2018: @Crankthatsnes - ( )
Feb 09 2018: @NerdyNester - NGCD ( )
Mar 18 2018: @NerdyNester and @sYn - TG-16CD ( )
Jun 17 2018: @Wipeoutjack7 - WiiWare ( )
Jun 18 2018: @Soulkilla - PS2 HDD ( )

Jan 18 2018: @Habreno - CHN as a proper region rather than being tied to the iQue.

Switch VC does not appear to be out yet but I cannot find a confirmation in either direction. There's a discussion on this naming concept here:
Ed's post apparently was deleted, but the request may still be valid. Account believes to be deleted as well but I have no way of confirming this.
TG-16CD is in fact separate from TG-16, as per @sYn 's post on May 07 2018 later on this page.
PS2 HDD is interesting as not every game supports it, so it may be misused, but for games that support it it is very relevant due to loading times from installed games.
There are other requests in this thread that were made but I do not believe are valid. I've listed them below for completeness's sake.

Other Requests (Platforms):
Jan 16 2018: @Ewil - Apple II GS ( ) - per @NihilistComedyHour falls under Apple II

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TG-16 exists, is there a difference that the CD is also needed?

((Show Obscure, right column, 7th from the bottom))


Will Wii Virtual Console and Wii U Virtual Console be added to Star Revenge 2: Night of Doom?



^ ask the game moderators about that. This thread is to request platforms and regions that are not available to select on the site, so they can be added to games, not to request a specific platform or region that already exists to be added to a game.

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Going to provide another bump to this. The compilation post at the top of this page should still be accurate, with the possible exception of TG-16 CD if it's different enough ((I do not know))


The CD-ROM(2) for TG-16 is different - it was an add-on (and then later combined in a duo system). There are certain games that were only released for Turbografx-CD such as Beyond Shadowgate - I had just went with TG-16 for platform but that is inaccurate/due to lack of TG-CD not existing as a platform choice.

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