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The wikipedia article states "The CDTV is essentially a Commodore Amiga 500 home computer", so I would list that as the existing Amiga platform.

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Surprised not to find it on the list.

Family Computer? AKA Famicom, FC for short

Some NES games and FC games have substantial differences from one another.


FC and NES are essentially the same console so that’s why it’s not listed as it’s own. For all intents and purposes it’s the same hardware on the inside. For games that have substantial differences it’s handled as JP NES to differentiate between the versions (same goes for SNES vs SFC).


Yeah I was cleaning up a leaderboard and blanked on there being region indicators (ntsc, ntsc-j, pal) that's good enough I suppose.


I proposed this before but I think I will again.

So with the PS4 Pro granting some games 60fps that only operate at a locked 30 on the standard PS4, is there a possibility of granting 'PS4 Pro' its own platform? This eliminates the need for tabs and variables revolving around the Pro.

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XBOX ONE X Is also coming out on the 7th this month, I think that should be added in as well


Please add the Commodore VIC-20.


Not exactly a platform, but I'd like to request Brazil as a potential game region. BR (PAL-M) would fit I guess.

This is fairly relevant for Master System speedruns.


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Added the Commodore VIC-20.
Added BRA / PAL as a region.

I've also added both PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, we'll see how that works out. I doubt many people will read/follow this if I post this only here, but these platforms only need to be used when there's actual differences that warrant them. Otherwise (i.e. the platforms are identical) using only the base platforms (PS4, Xbox One) is perfectly fine.

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im requesting the Neo Geo X. im going to be running games on this platform. that is why im requesting it.


SwitchVC - Vs. Super Mario Bros. was put on there recently, and I am planning to run it on the switch.


@Ewil Apple II GS would fall under Apple II for the purposes of the site. (I got Apple II added for a Apple II GS game added some time ago). Amstrad CPC is already currently on the site.


Ah, I see. Honestly, it might be a good idea to rename some of the names to their actual names, like C64 -> Commodore 64, Genesis -> Sega Genesis, 3DO -> Panasonic 3DO. It's a bit confusing imo.