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It can be chosen; just toggle the 'show obscure' button.

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Nintendo Switch, being as its more than likely going to have speedruns. As well as releasing tonight, would recommend :+1:

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Switch is under "Obscure platforms" at the moment in the edit game screen. It needs moved, but it's certainly usable. I added it to BotW, but then someone deleted it.

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Any possibility of 'PS4 PRO' or some kind of Xbox Scorpio acronym being brought in to prevent the need for variables?

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Does it really need to be added now though, instead of, I don't know....Closer to release?

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Still got 5 months lol, the console hasn't been approved by the FCC either which is why you can't preorder yet


I would like to request that "PSN download" and "3DS E-Shop" be added as a platforms. The reason for this being that just like Wii/VC digital downloads from these two can effect load times, making them faster than the carts/disks.


@Smelly_Mctroll if you need to distinguish between disc/digital, do so via variables/subcategories.
VC has its right for platform due to being an official emulator, and PSN is already available.


I had somebody submit a run done on one of these things:

I suppose the best platform to describe it as currently would be Genesis [Emu], but I think adding a platform called "Handheld" would be much more descriptive, encompassing all those third-party handhelds that have been made for older consoles. Handheld-exclusive games will also get a suitable platform to select.


I don't think the Atari ST has been added yet. It's a line of home computers, sure, but that's no problem, as we've got plenty of pc runs as well.
There are many different types of ST's, like there are many different types of pc's, but ST games should be hosted under one category.
One could argue that Atari ST fits under pc, but I'd disagree. After all, Amiga's listed as a separate category as well, and Amiga's different from pc just as much as Atari ST is. 🙂
I'm in the process of improving a run of an Atari ST game myself, and I am planning to request the game some time soon.


Do I need to do anything else for it to be added, or do I just... wait?


Requesting two consoles/peripherals: Satellaview ( ) and Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Famicom ( aka SFCMini, I guess?, when that comes out with the SNES Classic; ).

At first glance, Tetris Attack and its Japanese counterpart, Panel de Pon, appear to be mere reskins of each other. Their gameplay mechanics are very similar. However, there are enough differences in CPU and scoring behavior between the two that we have separated those leaderboards, which is great because Nintendo has released them on different platforms. Panel de Pon is on Japan's WiiVC, but Tetris Attack is not on North America's WiiVC, for instance. (Damn licensing issues)

This brings me to the Satellaview. There is a Japanese back-port of Tetris Attack (Yoshi's Panepon BS version, i.e. not Panel de Pon) that was broadcast through the Satellaview in November 1996 ( ) and the ROM can still be played via flashcart or specialized emulators. It doesn't have any significant differences with the English Tetris Attack (since text has zero impact on the speedrun's final time) so I would like to add Satellaview to Tetris Attack's platforms to allow it.

SFCMini is also a special case. It wouldn't be right to add the SNESClassic platform to Tetris Attack because that's not going to be on the SNESClassic, but Panel de Pon isn't going to be on the SNESClassic, either, so that doesn't feel appropriate. Besides, Panel de Pon will not be the only game on the SFCMini and not on the SNESClassic ( ).


The Atari ST, requested three weeks ago, has not yet been added as a platform. 🙂