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¤Challenge accepted¤ :o)


I'd like to request the Intellivision platform for the following game:


Jaguar is such a very good console with its 64-bits


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This thread is for new consoles not in the general console list on the site. Requests for adding existing consoles to specific games should go through the moderators for the game


Nokia N-Gage thank youuuuu

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Would it be possible to have "Wii U download" and "3DS download". This would be the downloaded versions (VC is not the same as downloaded version) of the games, as usually they have some difference such as faster/slower loads or different times for saving. It would also make less clutter for some wii u / 3ds games that have major differences where instead of having a variable of download or cart / cd it's just a console choice, for example


Can the Arduboy be added please? I've submitted an Arduboy game to the site for a new leaderboard so hopefuly it'll have a use very soon.

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Rubberduckyassassin3: New3DS already exists on the site; Are there any significant differences between the 2DS and the 3DS for speedruns?

WeaponLord: Are you planning on requesting games that were released on the Vectrex? Which ones?


I dont see New3DS on the list of platforms for Smash Bros for 3DS, and i just have been having some issues with people complaining about platforms for said game so i thought i'd add it as an option. Sorry if im just blind or dumb XD


It should show up in the platforms list if you click the 'Show obscure' button.


hi, many snes games are being ported to New3dsVC and i found New3ds in the obscure platform, but unless i missed it, New3dsVC would be a great addition!! ;D


I'd like to request Atari 5200 and 7800 for the original Pac-Man.


Added New3DSVC, Atari 5200 and Atari 7800.


@Racingmonster some games are only released on the psn store (small indie titles). so that would be the platform then.