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@Lighnat0r thank you very much 🙂


I didn't realise that it wasn't on but "Steam"? The game Sonic Adventure DX has a big time difference from the disc version of the game to the Steam version but both are just listed as "PC". Thanks 🙂

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Nokia N-Gage



Something to change maybe, changing PC in to Windows (now Linux and Mac got added).

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Originally posted by Trollbear666 Something to change maybe, changing PC in to Windows (now Linux and Mac got added).

PC is the general sort of "it was played on a computer" way of looking at it, Windows could go on for many, many platforms if it was included (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 2003, anything else they made) but I guess "PC" looks crisp in a way and some games like to have it added (even though the different PC versions are there) that a game was released on "PC" because that's what's written on the disc of course.
I see the trail of thought but not replacing PC for it, seems a bit arbitrary.


Ique is basically a subset of N64 games. Some games track it as KR region, others could track it as a game variable if they wanted. There also aren't many games for it at all. The site platforms are listed here:


It's not site scalable to add overly specific platform options to the site console list, so they do need to be variables within the game for now.


So fast I travelled several months back in time to add it DatSheffy

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Wow, yes this is fast !... Thanks.

Could you replace the ''Graphing'' by ''Graphic'' ? ''Graphing Calculator'' it's a little bit too long, do you not believe ?.. What do you think about it ? What you prefer ?

Other than that, I wondered how we could get organized. There are already many different models only for the Texas Instrument... If you are interested, there are many works listed on this site, and not only video games !

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There are some Texas Instrument Graphic Calculator Emulator if you purchase the pro versions of TI XCAS.
I wonder if that could be ran, I mean I haven't found much speedrunnable games yet.
The main things to distinguish between Graphic Calculators would be their engines : between the "old school graphic calculators" managing only TI Basic and ASM and in an other hand more detailed calculators having their own languages.


mmmmmh... I think that best, at the moment, is to register variables like "Calculator Model" for the calculator model used and "Language" for BASIC, ASM....

As for the games, I saw nice porterages as Super Mario Bros. 3, Zelda, Bomberman... There is well to have interesting games to make a runs for this platform...


SMB3 porterage is very very slow and very laggy. It would be a pain to run.

Bomberman porterage wasn't speedrunnable as I remember, it was only some maps but not in-depth gameplay.

I think you should get runs before asking this.


Slow ? Did you try it with basic or asm ? With an emulator ? If yes, which one ?


Graphing Calculator is the name generally used, including on the site you linked. Also, the length difference is only a single character.

For different models etc, yes, you're best off using variables.


I am not really sure graphic calculators has a speedrun-potential.
The buttons aren't optimized for Gameplay.
I ran Pokémon Blue No Save Corruption on TI NSpire and it was a pain to mash buttons.
Graphing calculators are usually slower than original games, because they are ported.

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