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NEC PC-8801 / PC-88 series of home computers 🙂

(the predecessor of the PC-98 series)


Is it possible to add PSN download? As playing a legit ps2 disc on a ps3 has more lag than a downloadable version of the game.


Tonshaad1230 dreamcast is allready on the site as a platform,Dreamcast


Could Table-Top or Live be added? 🙂 since table-top games can obviously be speedran 🙂


Originally posted by BmanRulesYou21 Is it possible to add PSN download? As playing a legit ps2 disc on a ps3 has more lag than a downloadable version of the game.

I'm not sure about this, since this basically applies to every console in some form or other.
I agree there should be a way to distinguish them properly, but I don't want to add different platforms for download for every platforms, since then you'd also want all different types of HDD/SSD and stuff like that.
I'd recommend adding it as a variable to the games you need it on instead, at least for now.

Added the C64.

Aridolomo, do you actually have a game in mind that you want to request that needs this?


Tabletop added.


i see where your coming from about the hdd stuff, but theres the wii/wiiu virtual console, which is essentially the same thing as psn download

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    I'd like to request Mac as a platform, since PC games can have some unique stuff that can only be done in a Mac computer, sometimes because of hardware. (Specific case I'm referencing: Minecraft sprinting without pressing a key in Mac because of how caps lock works.)


Nintendo Gamecube Gameboy Player (GBP)

And before someone says something, yes GBP is different at least between playing Kirby & the amazing mirror on a real GBA and on the GBP (There is a glitch that causes lag if you watched the intro cutscene on GBP). So I'm inclined to say lag behaves differently in general.

Can we rename SGB to SGB2? (SGB1 usually isn't allowed because it runs gameboy games faster than other systems)

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I would actually keep SGB and add SGB2 as a separate platform because that way you know on what system the game has been run and convert SGB1 times (yes, I am converting runs done on SGB1 for my leaderboards I am moderating 🙂 ). Also +1 on adding GBP

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It seems strange to me to have a platform for which it is essentially impossible to submit videos. I know nothing about kirby & the amazing mirror, but for other gba games it would be an unnecessary complication to have two separate platforms, so maybe it would be best as a variable for that game only?


technically you could record a GBA/GBA SP with a camera

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Thing is, for GBA games there's a lot of ways to play / record them.

- GBA / GBA SP, with a camera
- NDS / NDS Lite
- GameBoy Player (NGC)
- Emulators Kappa

But depending on the game some of them aren't as good as others.
Like mugg1991 said for kirby, it has a glitch on GameBoy Player, wich is not on GBA.

Sadly it isn't the only game that has a difference depending on what you use.
I recall the Super Mario Bros 3 GBA version not even being playable on emulator, and there's Megaman battle Network 4 that has lag issues (the Blue Moon version especially) on NDS / NDS Lite.

There's also the Boktai games, emulator is almost a totally different way of playing the games (and i fear it might even have it's own route (atleast for 2 & 3) for speedruns, compared to playing on consoles) because of the Sunlight Sensor.
Like, for example, the items can get rotten in 2 & 3, and it depends on the Sunlight the Sensor gets. On emulator you can easily be at max all the time, but on a console, even with a Black Light, that RARELY happens, wich makes some items last longer than on emulator.

Also, handling the Black Light (switching it ON and OFF to avoid overheat in the games) is an extra thing you don't need to do on emulator, wich, even if it sounds like a small thing, is a real pain to do while running.

So yeah, i think that even if it's only for some games and not all of them, we should still take that into consideration, as it can change the way you play / run games.


I can just speak about Game Boy/GB Color games because I have no clue about how GBA games behave on different platforms.

I would like to have added the following platforms for GBC games:

- Super Gameboy 2 (SGB2)
- GameCube Game Boy Player (GBP)

Thanks 🙂


I also would like to see Super Gameboy 2 (SGB2) and Game Boy Player (GBP) added to the list.


While I still stand by what I wrote in my previous post, I've added PSN Download since after consideration, it's probably easier to switch from that to whatever system gets implemented to deal with slightly different versions like this.

In the same spirit, I've also added the following platforms:
Game Boy Player
Super Gameboy 2