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There is a game currently listed without a console:
This comes from the Fairchild Channel F which is not currently listed as a console:
There is potential other games from its short library that could be included for


Fairchild Channel F is already a platform.
Edit Game > Tick Obsure Platforms box, marked as 'FCF'.

@CoopeZz Added (PSClassic)

@MD_Pi Added Dragon 32/64 (D32-64, can't do / with these), Oric (Oric), Amstrad PCW (PCW)

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@cinemassacres Commodore CDTV is added but AmigaOS is a really strange one. Is there some exclusive specific case for this? Because a couple of Amiga platforms already exist on the site that uses the OS and its like saying "Windows 10" is a platform (I can see the argument but I really need more information regarding the case here).

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looking up the town with no names for platforms shows up as Commodore CDTV, DOS, AmigaOS


@cinemassacres I am going to deny the request for AmigaOS at this time as this doesn't provide the information that was asked.


Is there any chance at we can get flash as a platform? "Web" is unspecific, as html games and other stuff exist. Also, all of the major browsers will stop supporting the flash plugin by 2021. Playing flash games in the "developer" flash player or something similar is extremely common now, and this doesn't use the web at all. PC is also wrong, as flash runs on raspberry pis, Macs, etc. I don't want to have to add 10 platforms to every flash game.

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I would like to request two platforms which are both relevant for this game:

The first would be the Zeebo, a Brazilian home console released in 2011.

The other is Symbian. While strictly not a platform, it is the OS under which Nokia phones ran. Problem I see with that one is that we also have the N-Gage as console already which also runs under Symbian. So I'm not entirely sure how to handle that but at least something needs to be done about that. I figured Symbian would be the most fitting, just like iOS and Android are a thing.

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Hello. I'm a series moderator for Sonic the Hedgehog. The analogue mega sg has just been released and we are allowing it to be used for speedruns. there is a slight problem. the analogue mega sg is not either a.) original hardware, or b.) emulation in the literal sense. We are struggling to find a place for it under current circumstances. As moderators, we would like to separate it. I would like to request either:

1.) FPGA (analogue nt, analogue mega sg) to be added as console. FPGA is the process in which these consoles work. FPGA would be a blanket console for these releases for both the nes, snes and genesis.

2.) MegaSG- this one would obviously be specific to the Genesis.

Thanks for the time.

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So there are platform options for operating systems like Linux and Mac, but why is there no Windows? And if PC is the one that represents Windows, why don't we just call it "Windows"? It's not like a PC with Linux is less of a PC than a PC with Windows, right?

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NEO GEO mini

Released date : July 24, 2018


Don't know if it counts because its essentially just a portable genesis but the Sega Nomad doesn't seem to be a system.


@kickasspancakes I'm not too keyed in on either of these, so if another staff member wants to take a look at these they're free too.

FPGA has been mentioned to me as a chip in passing, so I'm not sure this would perhaps fit as an actual console listing. And the Mega-SG is a difficult one also. I take it the console's point is to imitate original hardware? And in that case, could it not simply be called a form of emulation? If not an extremely accurate one?

For the 'Windows' request. Right now we have PC / Linux / Mac as separate platforms, and this is probably moreso to allow boards to separate these three as platforms if there may be differences. For example, if I remember right the Linux version of Undertale is faster due to text? Correct me if I'm wrong on that. Anyway, by renaming 'PC' to 'Windows', we then force all the boards who don't want to separate these three into doing so. You can't simply have 'Windows' on a board for a game that can be played on all 3, it doesn't work. However, you can have PC alone on the board because 'PC' can also be passed as all three. And considering Mac and Linux are already platforms, doesn't really make sense to also have Windows as its own thing as a third wheel.

@INUQQ I take it this is Neo Geo's version of the Classic? Added, under NGMini.

@Kid_Gamer Does this play games differently at all, and are there any examples? Or identical to Genesis? If it does play identically not sure if this is necessary but open to discussion.

@NerdyNester I'll talk to the other mods with this before adding, it appears to have multiple iterative releases so I'm not sure how best to handle the addition of this.

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@Liv It does not seem to have any major hardware differences. The differences it does have is that its limited compared to genesis, as it doesn't have a power button and it has to rely on buttons, as well as not being compatible with some add-ons. However, i'd argue that this is no different than the Game Boy Player, which is listed as a console even though having virtually no differences to the Game Boy Advance.


Hey, I would like to request the Oculus Quest being added as a platform for SUPERHOT VR. Thank you

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