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So there was a feature added today by Pac for Full Mods / Admins to create platforms, so going to try handle some of the ones posted in Habreno's compilation post / ask for further details on some.

1. Switch VC - For the example given (vs SMB), wouldn't it make sense to simply have it tagged under 'Switch'? Since the game technically is just a Switch title? I'm not trying to get overly specific here but 'VC' is a tag linked to the Wii / Wii U, and whether it says just 'Switch' or 'Switch VC' it'd amount to the same thing in the end, right?
2. Xbox 360 Arcade - Added (X360 Arcade)
3. Fairchild Channel F - Added (FCF)
4. Nvidia Shield TV - I believe this already exists? Or, at least there is a platform listed as Nvidia Shield here? (It's simply titled 'Shield', could probably be edited to NVShield to be more explanatory but Pac hasn't given us the Edit feature just yet, but the platform is there at least) Feel free to explain if there's some difference, my knowledge on this specific tech isn't there. (Edit: Nvm, Bokoblins added this in between a page load lol)
5. - Added (GameCom)
6. Neo Geo CD - Added (NGCD)
7. TurboGrafx-16-CD-ROM - Added (TG-16CD)
8. WiiWare - Similar to the Switch VC example, not too sure on this. If a WiiWare game was played on Wii, wouldn't it make more sense to simply label it as 'Wii'? Moreso because these WiiWare games are apparently on both Wii and Wii U, so you'd need to differentiate these consoles. Some further explanation would be appreciated. PSN and Xbox 360 Arcade exist because there are some physical/digital games that operate differently. For example, you can put PS1/2 discs into a PS3 with BC, and these will sometimes operate quite differently from the same title played via PSN download, which is why those platform options make sense.
9. PS2 HDD - Not sure on this one myself. Can discuss it.
10. Apple-IIGS - Added (Apple-IIGS)
11. BBC Micro - Added (BBCMicro)

(Can't change the CHN region myself unfortunately)

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Often there are loading time differences between disc and wiiware/wiiuware


"10. Apple-IIGS - Added (Apple-IIGS)"

Hmm. Luckily I don't think it will be too relevant as there doesn't appear to be many (if any) Apple II runs on the board, put this leaves a little grey area. You can find games that are release for the II and the IIGS separately, but I'm not sure how any other old Apple might fall into this system? For example: If one plays on an Apple IIe or an Apple III, what would this fall under? Or would they constitute separate categories, assuming it ever became relevant.


From @Tenebrae in the discord: BRA/PAL renamed to BRA/PAL-M . See (the last paragraph here) for some more details on this.

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@Habreno Might be best to DM Pac regarding that for a quicker change. Full Mods can't make changes to regions.

@Oranges_Love Done: (SCV)

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Gotcha, Liv. I'll send that DM off to Pac.


@NihilistComedyHour Done.

Put it as WSC because WonderSwanColour/Color may be too long.

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I don't know if it's been requested or denied, but I'd like to request Xbox One S. The console is different from Xbox One with loads and is 7.1% faster with them. Sure it's only a little bit, but that short amount of time save I think justifies it.

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I’d like to request WiiWare and WiiUWare to be added as platforms. My main 2 reasons are 1. There are lots of games that have only come out on Wii/WiiU Ware, and it’d be better for proper classification, and 2. Often there are loading time differences between Wii/WiiU Ware and disc. For example: Wii Sports Cub, and Wii Chess which are both games I run, have faster loading times on the Wii/WiiU Ware version.


Requesting Palm OS / Palm PDAs.
me and some people recently started running a Palm game and have it under 'Android' because that's what the emulator is on.


@Wipeoutjack7 Can you provide any examples / as much info on this as you can on this?

@tapioca Not sure on this one, personally.


Ok, I’ll try to provide examples for my points. Here’s a list of games that have only ever come out on WiiWare:
And here’s a Speedrun from the Japanese WiiWare version of Wii Chess: compared to a Pal version on disc:
The pal run was done on a emulator, however still has a greater loading time then the WiiWare Version.


I talked to the other Mods a little bit and we sort of feel indifferent on WiiWare, just because it's a service that could be just as easily tracked under the Wii platform for now. None of us are really too sure on it, considering it's a service that is half discontinued now, also.

For Palm OS / PDA, there's sort of mixed opinions. As long as there are games for that platform (which they do appear to be), then I personally don't see a problem adding it. Given we already have so many totally obscure platforms on here anyway, if there are some Palm OS exclusive games... I guess it makes sense for it to be added.

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