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From @Tenebrae in the discord: BRA/PAL renamed to BRA/PAL-M . See (the last paragraph here) for some more details on this.

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Super Cassette Vision (SCV)


@Habreno Might be best to DM Pac regarding that for a quicker change. Full Mods can't make changes to regions.

@Oranges_Love Done: (SCV)

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Gotcha, Liv. I'll send that DM off to Pac.


@NihilistComedyHour Done.

Put it as WSC because WonderSwanColour/Color may be too long.

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I don't know if it's been requested or denied, but I'd like to request Xbox One S. The console is different from Xbox One with loads and is 7.1% faster with them. Sure it's only a little bit, but that short amount of time save I think justifies it.

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Atari Flashback.

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@Slevanas Request completed.


@Mars02 Request completed.


I’d like to request WiiWare and WiiUWare to be added as platforms. My main 2 reasons are 1. There are lots of games that have only come out on Wii/WiiU Ware, and it’d be better for proper classification, and 2. Often there are loading time differences between Wii/WiiU Ware and disc. For example: Wii Sports Cub, and Wii Chess which are both games I run, have faster loading times on the Wii/WiiU Ware version.


Requesting Palm OS / Palm PDAs.
me and some people recently started running a Palm game and have it under 'Android' because that's what the emulator is on.

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@Wipeoutjack7 Can you provide any examples / as much info on this as you can on this?

@tapioca Not sure on this one, personally.


Ok, I’ll try to provide examples for my points. Here’s a list of games that have only ever come out on WiiWare:
And here’s a Speedrun from the Japanese WiiWare version of Wii Chess: compared to a Pal version on disc:
The pal run was done on a emulator, however still has a greater loading time then the WiiWare Version.

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I talked to the other Mods a little bit and we sort of feel indifferent on WiiWare, just because it's a service that could be just as easily tracked under the Wii platform for now. None of us are really too sure on it, considering it's a service that is half discontinued now, also.

For Palm OS / PDA, there's sort of mixed opinions. As long as there are games for that platform (which they do appear to be), then I personally don't see a problem adding it. Given we already have so many totally obscure platforms on here anyway, if there are some Palm OS exclusive games... I guess it makes sense for it to be added.

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Playstation Classic (Coming December 3rd this year)

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There is a game currently listed without a console:
This comes from the Fairchild Channel F which is not currently listed as a console:
There is potential other games from its short library that could be included for


Fairchild Channel F is already a platform.
Edit Game > Tick Obsure Platforms box, marked as 'FCF'.

@CoopeZz Added (PSClassic)

@MD_Pi Added Dragon 32/64 (D32-64, can't do / with these), Oric (Oric), Amstrad PCW (PCW)

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Hi there requesting the platform of Atari Jaguar CD. 🙂