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If there are any platforms not currently in the list on the site that you would like to add games for, let us know in this thread so we can add them.
For a full list of supported platforms, check out the sidebar on the Games page when sorted by platform.

Previously all platforms would show up by default on the Edit Game page, which is why adding too many platforms wasn't desirable to keep that page neat.
As of now, platforms that are used by less than 2% of the games on the site, will be considered obscure.
This means that they will hidden on the Edit Game page by default. Showing obscure platforms can be toggled using the Show/Hide obscure button on the Edit Game page.
Other than that, there are no differences between obscure and other platforms.

Please keep in mind that requesting a platform should be done when you actually need the platform, don't go requesting every platform you know, just because you've heard of it 🙂

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Phillips cd-i?


Playstation TV (PSTV)
Java Phones (Java)


Famicom Disk System


Originally posted by PresJPolk Famicom Disk System

Does it really make sense to separate the Disk System add-on as its own console?


Playstation TV (PSTV) - Isn't that just a different model of the Vita, in the same way a DS and DSXL are functionally the same?


The framerate and loads are the same, however it's controlled using an external controller, with games being specifically set up for them, which is an advantage in some cases (ex. faster pill usage in Isaac Rebirth, faster costume switch and goggles in Sly 4)
It is also easier to capture, hence on average more runs will be submitted using it than just the Vita.

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Only issue with that is that there are no games designated as PSTV games (I think). I really can't make up my mind whether to go with "it's its own console" or "there are no PSTV games", but both of those are just ideas.


Wii U Virtual Console



Does it really make sense to separate the Disk System add-on as its own console?

When there are version differences between the FDS version of a game and the Famicom version of a game? Yes.


Panasonic 3DO


Sorry it took so long; I've added the requested platforms, including the 'controversial' PSTV.


Is it worth separating 'PC' into Windows, Mac, and Linux? I only run N64 games so I wouldn't know.


Maybe the New Nintendo 3DS should be a separate platform ? Some games are exclusive to it (Xenoblade 3D, future Unity games) and the memory structure shortens the loading times.

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Personaly, i think New 3DS should be a separate platform, but at the same time...

Like, i think the games exclusive to it should be a thing, with only the New 3DS selected in consoles.
Still, you can still play the other "normal" 3DS games on it, and apparently some of them goes faster because of the new features and stuff, so i guess it could also be a separate category or something for normal 3DS games ?

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I have to agree with the 2 posts above me, Similar to how the DSi had games which still ran on the DS, but had new features, the same thing is happening with 3DS/New 3DS, with at least one example being Monster Hunter Ultimate, which not only has different controls on the New 3DS, but I have seen reports of faster loading times for it as well.

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New Nintendo 3DS has been added.


I'm not sure if I should post this year, but the game I mod (Final Fantasy III) would benefit from having the option to select the specific console model (Famicom, New Famicom AV, Sharp Twin Famicom, NES or NES Top Loader), the RNG being different therefore routing will be different.
This isn't an urgent matter since so far everyone who did runs did them on New Famicom AV or on a emulator that give the same RNG as the New Famicom AV.
I know this could be also useful for several PS1 games played on PS2 which loading times are model dependent.

Having the option to let the runner give the name of his emulator would be useful as well.


Your first request is really specific but it makes sense after all.

Also, your second thought about the name of the emulator is something I endorse


I need to get the PC-FX added to the system list. It was the follow up to the PC-Engine/TurboGrafx-16