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I have a game where the full games have loads but levels don't, how do I make it so that people can submit time without loads for full games but not levels?

also is there a way I can make In-game time the default for ILs but not full games?


A solution would be to just use one of them like this: For fullgame we only use times with loads and for ILs only wtimes without loads. Both are using the same time column as the two aren't used at the same time. Should work good enough.

If you do need both then I don't know how to fix it except using variables, which isn't exactly a good solution either.

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Basically enable "Time without Loads" and "In-Game Time" and then stipulate in the rules to only submit IGT for level runs. Then in the game settings, select "Hide Empty Columns." That way on the full game leader board, all three times show up (with the most important being default) and then IL runs will only have IGT's in their submissions. The board will sort by IGT's if that is all that is submitted, and only show the IGT's.

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^ We do this in cuphead