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This is the update which resetted everyone's password? Good to know that this site knows how to save all of us speedrunners.


Ooo are we getting 2FA on SRC at some point? People will NEVER stop reusing passwords or making poor passwords. Heck I bet a lot don't even want passwords and think they are a waste of time.The "cool" thing that people do when required to use a strong password seems to be slightly modifying it...which is not that hard to crack either if they have the original

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Originally posted by "theripper999"are we getting 2FA on SRC at some point?

I agree that it would be a useful feature and am fully in favour of it being implemented if/when possible, but unfortunately it sounds like the amount of time and effort that would be required to implement it is currently unrealistic.

Somewhat related, programmer applications are open right now:

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I do hope those who had their boards vandalized were able to fix them.

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There wasn’t much to fix in terms of content, just anything lost in the last 24hr. Themes are easily fixed if people aren’t lazy.

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Clarification: The site was restored from a 1 day old backup. The site hashes and salts passwords.

If you reuse the same password on multiple sites, you are highly susceptible to someone gaining unauthorized access to your account. People can target you if they find a reason to, or people can try passwords for a bunch of users to stir up shit.

Popular compromised sites include Dropbox, Myspace, Xsplit, Imgur, Kickstarter, League of Legends, Linkedin, Patreon, Snapchat, Tumblr, and numerous others. Your password for numerous websites are probably out there.

EDIT: 2 factor authentication can help protect those that use it, but not those that don't, obviously.

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Pretty sure some of us have been on any chan longer than you've been alive to masturbate over your secret club

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