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Notifications aren't showing up for me and on this post:

They have the same issue but I can follow and unfollow and also see socials, but I don't have an ad blocker, I turned off all extensions, turned off Google's ad blocker, I tried to go in incognito but no help.

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My follow and social glitch is fixed now, but I don't get notifs still.


I dont get any at all


Same, I’m not getting any notifications


This would appear to be a site wide bug.
I bet everyone is having it happen to them.


Glad to know it's not just me at least


Not getting any notifications even though I'm a verifier, I hope for it to be fixed soon as I really need those notifications to show up for newly submitted runs.


No notification as well, and I'm also a verifier.


i have also am not been getting notifications for a few days. specific notifications i didn't get: have been added as a moderator to some games, no notification. PBs approved, no notification. new WR in a game i follow, no notification. my times beaten by another player, no notification.


In my case, I didn't get notified of my own runs getting verified and also of a new WR in a game I follow (which also happened to beat my run, so it'd be a double notification).


no notifications since 2 days and at least one run would have shown up i checked. I dont know about socials i do not write or receive messages an i am no mod for anything too.


It's happening to you guys as well? Same here.


Ive had it for days now


Well I'm not entirely convinced the bug is happening, if only one or two more people were to say they were having it 😛 (\lh)

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Having this bug the last 3 days, hopefully this gets solved soon, looks like a lot of people are experiencing it.


Ok so it defo happened at the same time for peopel then


my runs are not getting verified either, and notifications are also not working, but ppls runs are still appearing on the leaderboards tho


I know that some are still getting notifications and some don't ( I don't ) which is really weird


this is happening to me too