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The "runs awaiting verification" is, as it says, for runs, not games.

This page is when you're mod for a game, and someone has submitted a run that needs to be verified by the mod(s) of the game


Thnaks for your quick light, l'ami ^^

Shinobi game has been added by a moderator today!
Thanks again for your work and please forgive my harrassment XD


I just now read through the list in the first page of games marked in the initial clean.

It's a little surreal to see games I submitted and turned into a board recently on there. 😮


If the game is set up already but you want to make a separate leaderboards for emulator can you set up the game but for emulator only


We usually want to keep games within the same page. You should use the configurations, variables, and subcategories to display the data the way it is desired. There are a few things we want to do with individual pages to add more options, but you should be able to get a pretty good solution within the page with the current functionality. Making a new topic is probably better than bumping an 8 month old topic that is only slightly related in my opinion, but no point now.


Hi recently I made my first request for a game but I made a mistake in the name of the game, then I made a second request with that solved. How can I delete the other request? sorry for my bad english 😃

The game name is Tumblepop


kirkq will more than likely realize what happened and will just ignore the first request with the typo in it when he gets to it while approving the requests.


It will get taken care of, no real need to post about it.


@toxictoast1 Just creating a category is enough to stop that 2 weeks timer. And how can you possibly not set up the board in 14 days?

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@ToxicToast1 For the purposes of deleting boards that aren't set up, "set up" means "regular users are able to submit runs". So as long as there's at least one category, the game is set up.


Please make a new thread instead of reviving this one.