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Pretty much. I was looking for a not-set up game that i run, but couldn't find anything.
I haven't gone through the series section yet, but i figure the system also takes care of that?


Yeah, it looks for and automatically flags any games or series that are not set up after two weeks as per the policy, which are listed so that full mods/admins can then review and take appropriate manual action.


Beavis and Butt-head & Wayne's World were just added today and have since been set up, so who knows how many others on that list were brand new. I think the two week system is a good time frame.


I want to add Star Wars Episode I: Racer, but I don't know where to put it. You could technically make a "series" for it (Star Wars Episode I: Racer for PC/N64/DC, the completely different Gameboy version and the sequel for the PS2. Also, if you want, the Arcade). But to my knowledge, the only existing speedruns are my any% of Star Wars Episode I: Racer on N64 and dkr_paddys emulator time of the same category. So the "series" would have mostly dead games.

There seems to be a series on this site for all the Star Wars games that don't really fit anywhere (basically the series for the "other" games), so should Racer just be part of that?


Well, since there is only one game for this "series", it's better not to have one.

I think the series in which this game would stick the most is this one :
It looks like it's the most general one, and it seems that there quite a bunch of different games in there.

We've already discussed about have "super-series" and "sub-series" in a future update, so one day you'll be able to have a big Star Wars series that has all the sub-series in it, as well as single games that can't go in a specific sub-series.


Thank you for the info!

I guess I'll ask if someone in that group can add that game.


Does requesting a game make me mod for that game?


Once the requested game is accepted, yes.


Once I get around to routing/actually doing my run of said game, I'll request it. Wouldn't want to leave it empty lol


@Kehorie maybe something to add to Gyoo's answer. If the game is allready on the site then requesting it wont make you mod. you have to ask the existing mod (or a full mod/admin if the mod wont respond).


No the game isn't here, ive already looked.


Want ask a question about warcraft series (maybe this is not right thread, but have not founded better one)
The series have only 1 mod who was last online 1 month ago. There are no rules or any instrouctions, no accepted runs for any category.
I want to make the first run. Think, speedruning of wc3 could be pretty interesting. But don't want to routing, training and running if it will not be accepted in anyway.
So, want to find out rules, timing, etc.


Most rules are just generic for most games, no cheating etc. Glitched runs sometimes get separated into different categories. Timing is something that can be re-evaluated at a later point.

In general if you're going fast and not cheating, it's probably an acceptable run.

We don't make "official" rules for games, we're just trying to feature good rulesets.

Is there something ambiguous about just beating the game fast that might potentially be banned? What questions would you have?

We do cycle out moderators that haven't been on in a long time as they are brought up, so if you want to make the rules I'm fine with adding you, but I would like to know your questions/concerns first 😛

(Also this is probably not the correct thread, but we can finish the discussion here.)


The main questions are about game version and timing.
As for me it's logical to make runs on the same and latest version.
As for time - should it be in-game timer (which shown in the end of each mission) or RTA? If RTA when is to start and end timer? Single segmented or segmented by mission? Saves allowed? If so, there should be an obvious rule that all saves used in run should be made within the same run earlier.

I'm not sure if there should be some particular/specific rules. Don't know about critical bugs for wc3 that will make running meaningless.

P.S. Where should I initially start this conversation?🙂


You can make patch version a variable like age of empires does:

Most runs on this site and most speedruns people are doing these days are single segment. If you want to do mission runs, that's probably much better suited for Individual Level runs like in this case:

Saves allowed is a fair question, but most runs with save features allow them for full game runs (a few categories don't, but it's usually a separate category when not allowed).

Just from general knowledge:

For a full campaign run (or 1 full piece of the campaign):
1: In-game timer is pretty much unusable for this situation as far as I know. Loading a game or failing a mission would both reset the time for the level I assume, which makes it a relatively bad measurement.
2: When would RTA time be? In this case RTA would probably be "Starting the campaign/mission" to "First sign of completing the last mission" It's not actually as important, because it can be remeasured later and you wouldn't have played differently measuring from two slightly different points most of the time.

For individual levels I'd recommend they be required to be single segment, no loads, or they could get pretty arbitrary.

I'll go ahead and add you as a moderator. There's probably not many people actively running the game so it's certainly difficult to have a discussion about it in the specific case. If more people want to join that discussion, the warcraft 3 specific forum may be a good place for discussion, but it most likely won't be active. In the future feel free to make a separate topic for category discussion or PM me on Twitch. Admins are fairly active on the "The Site" area of the forums.

tl;dr: Age of Empires is handling effectively the same case in a pretty good way.


You didn't have a notification yet because the request was still pending.
Because all requests are checked manually by an admin, it sometimes takes a few days.


Same thing for me, i requested a new game (Shinobi - Aracde) and the run hasn't been yet uploaded. The proble for me is how to be sure that the request has been really sent to an admin (i.e. that the request is really pending)?
Thnaks for your help 😉


I m relaxing, having a beer and a football game on tv 🙂

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Sorry for the double post but is it normal that nothing is pending when you submit a New Game ?

(I just want to know, not to hurry anyone ^^)

Thanks for your lights