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I did a mystake, i deleted all categories and all runs btw :

Is it possible to readd them?

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You can try to re-add them.

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Like, add the categories again. Do your best to repopulate the board with a cached version of the site. Ask runners in the community to resubmit.
I dunno how else to put it.
In the meantime contact an admin.

I would also recommend joining the 2048 community's Discord, since it appears you haven't done so.

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Ask one of the site mods to roll back the board to the last backup: I've seen this done before.

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This is actually insane, there is literally no way you should ever be capable of accidentally deleting every run and category...

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Why is this guy still mod? First off he nukes the leaderboards and now he's too lazy to retime runs for a category that is less than 0.1 so he just rejects runs with the wrong times put in. I'm also wondering how did he get super mod in the first place?

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Friks is right. Either a ) he is so dumb that he can delete categories "accidentally" and then confirm it meaning he has an iq of less than -69 and should not be mod or b ) he's a terrible liar and thought this would be funy, making him a bad person with a bad sense of humour

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At least they:
>are active
>can be contacted
>actually run the game despite being in last place by a country mile
>wisely chose not to waste the admin's time by contacting them to restore the old board, and
>even added new exciting categories like high score!

Destroying all previous records and rejecting runs that can be edited is a small price to pay for having such a dedicated mod.

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"wisely chose not to waste the admin's time by contacting them to restore the old board, and"

That's not wise (if it's the case). It's actually terrible, considering full mods can actually restore the runs. Just so we are clear, that board is still missing ten's of runs without the accurate dates of runs in them now.

"Destroying all previous records and rejecting runs that can be edited is a small price to pay for having such a dedicated mod."

You aren't really a dedicated mod if you are rejecting runs solely because one is unwilling to take the time to actually time the run.

That being said, I have no opinion about the mod in question being mod or not being mod. Mistakes legit happen, and it's not the end of the world. But deleting.. like a hundred runs from the board, from people who might not even be active on the sight (thus not even realizing their runs are gone, let alone around to resubmit), isn't really a price anyone should be paying for mod who just happens to be around.

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Full Mods can't restore runs.

SgtKabukiman handles the backups, and I'm fairly sure only he can currently actually rollback boards to prior states.

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ive seen boards like banana kong ( ) where its literally 5 rows of pretty much the same category with slightly different values changed. first of all, why have so many of these categories, secondly, does he not know that subcategories exist? im sure it'd be much more tolerable if he actually made use of the leaderboard's features. besides, still have no idea how he managed to delete all the runs since all he did was like the post without explaining anything.

but im sure there are worse mods out there, its just that these particular practices tee me off somewhat. its not like im forced to see these boards anyways. its just some quality control would be nice for this sort of thing.