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My issue is that I do not want milliseconds to be displayed for runs that are not timed that accurately. Currently the policy on the board I manage is that the only runs where ms are shown are the top runs that we manually re-time and everything else stays only timed to the second. I just think that it presents well visually, while staying accurate.

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I have the exact same issue.
I don't want milliseconds displayed for runs that are only precise to the centisecond.

But it's been that way for years.

Hopefully now that the ui has changed and the board settings page is a lot more expandable, we will see changes like this in the future.

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If you want to run a 2-class system where slower times are less worth,
that's you - but the site shouldn't have to accomodate for something like that.

This should suffice then?
The settings on the game-edit page would be used as "default" when creating new categories,
so they're not going to become useless when something like this would be implemented.

Accuracy field would be governing the accuracy of timing used for the timing methods,
so if you want to track real time in deciseconds but the ingame-timer is accurate to the centisecond, you could.

(Although what I would add still would be a "allow time of 0" checkbox for games like Picross,
where the igt is only counting up in seconds and starts at 0, so if you beat a level in less than 1s, it would show 0s)

This honestly goes back a bit to when @ROMaster2ROMaster2 was still working on the code,
he planned to make categories govern their own timing stuff.

The image @ROMaster2ROMaster2 was showing back in december 2017 for comparison

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@HowDenKingHowDenKing I don't know how anything I said meant that I "want to run a 2-class system where slower times are less worth".


If by your reasoning it is a 2 class system to choose not to download and re-time every single run with a small moderation staff, then I guess you are right, but also nobody complains about this. You can't use blanket reasoning for every single game, board or community, it obviously doesn't work that way. It would simply be false to display 23.000 for a run that is not timed with millisecond accuracy and in some cases it is not trivial to simply time every run like we do for the 'high class' ones.


Are you going to be adding a way to change the link colour separate from the theme? I like the new layout but the Super Metroid theme looks awful imo and I can't seem to find a way to fix it without having a super bright purple for the banner colour, which looks worse than the darker purple we currently use.

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You don't necessarily have to download the runs to retime them, right? At least, SlushPuppy's retime tool is pretty handy (but I haven't compared retiming with the tool versus downloading a run).


Whenever you download a run, it gets fucked up with the frames.
Much better to re-time directly from youtube with some tools where you just have to put first frame, last frame and fps.

@ImaproshamanImaproshaman I compared timing on youtube and downloaded video, you get very random differences.


I don't know what you could possibly mean by "it gets fucked up with the frames", but a properly downloaded video is more accurate since youtube rounds the framerate.

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I have some experience with this, since I've always downloaded and timed all the runs on the boards I mod.

How you download runs does matter. The most extreme example is with the Twitch Leecher.

It does -something- that drastically alters the way it plays. Frames are just missing, and the video gets "smooshed" together, and then the video time is shorter than the actual run was.

I've always used JDownloader to rip runs from online for timing in premiere (How I prefer to time) because it doedn't seem to have this frame issue.
(At least not with the basic tests I did. )
{Record 10 mins of livesplit->Upload it->Rip with JDownloader -> Time both the original and the ripped video.}

I've never used an online timing tool so can't comment on those. But how you rip videos (Twitch seems to be more extreme than YT) does have an effect on the video itself.

On the matter of displaying 000ms:

Just a preference on my part, but I would still like the option to not displayed ms.
To me, not all my games require ms accuracy of the recordings, even if I am retiming them.

If .ms starts getting automatically displayed, then every run on the site now that doens't have it entered would be displayed as Xm XXs 000ms. Which would be untrue for almost every one of them.

So it seems like it would detract from things (Or, at the very least, make a huge amount of retiming work for existing boards)

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Youtube as far as I know won't allow very specific framerates.

So, SMB1 is like 60.098 or whatever (50.0069 in PAL), but it'll just lock it to a fixed 60. Same with 29.97 fps runs. So, you're always going to lose a frame here or there. As well as other games in which you record at a very unusual framerate.

Compression may also affect the video. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of Twitch videos (streamed runs anyway) were pretty off.

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Originally posted by LegsIf .ms starts getting automatically displayed, then every run on the site now that doens't have it entered would be displayed as Xm XXs 000ms. Which would be untrue for almost every one of them.

Which is why I proposed a setting,
this would be off by default, resulting in the behaviour it has right now (no change to anything)
if you want to always show ms, you can opt in with the setting, but it'll affect all runs in that category.

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The site works pretty well in a mobile browser, I can’t imagine a mobile app would be high priority or something that’s really necessary.

Also, this isn’t the thread for this, your comment might better be suited in the Feedback thread.

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Can I get some input from a global moderator/designer on that one? Thank you very much.

Best regards



Only designer at the moment I believe is Pac.

My input on this is just my own subjective one really. I don't think inherently any look "better" and just comes more down to the user. Them being aligned to the left triggers my OCD as there is then an uneven amount of empty space on the left/right of the username.

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I know it was mentioned earlier in the thread that this feature got obsoleted by a newer version of jQuery and they the WR History charts are currently being worked on, but I was wondering if there were any updates on this?

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I don't know if it's been asked or addressed in previous posts, but ever since the site update, I've no idea on how to set up subcategories anymore. Adding variables just makes run variables, but I don't know how to change them into leaderboard subcategories. Can I still do that, or do I have to wait for some bug fixes to the site before that's available?


@Aun_ElAun_El Click the 3 dots beside the variable -> Edit Variable -> Use as sub-category

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