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Maybe give an option to change the default font of the site? Might be a me problem but it just doesn't adapt well. Apart from that, I'm very pleased with the improved customization options. Finally starting to feel at home again.


Ack, I must have missed that. Thanks for the help!

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@emeraldalyemeraldaly and those who liked your post...
As Pac said in the original post (and edit: in a later post on page 2), this is completely intentional.
To reiterate... With the latest amendment, your site-browsing theme became the one called "Default", which you can change in your settings under the General tab. Unless I'm mistaken, this is a different shade of emerald green than the original much-maligned hue. The forums use the site-browsing theme. Your profile uses your profile theme. (Except on the general settings page, which uses your Site theme so that you can preview it when you change it.)

This is really a huge change.
Previously there was no way to differentiate how you want your profile to look and how you want to browse the site. Before this amendment, if you wanted a coral pink profile to match your online brand, you were stuck with coral-pink everything across the whole site. It was imo an absolutely necessary change, thank you Pac.

All that being said... The theme switch does look odd when you switch tabs under your settings from General to something else. I'm not sure if this hybrid approach is great, given the confusion it immediately caused.

Maybe the Settings page should use the site theme, for all tabs. Your site settings are separate from your profile, after all, and probably shouldn't use your profile theme.

Also, it seems that people are mistakenly assuming (understandably) that the "Edit theme" button will allow them to change the site theme. Maybe rename "edit theme" to "edit profile theme"?

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This has been mentioned like 3 or 4 separate times or something like that, and it still is present on games with a subcategory list, or a category extensions page


Just checking: Are you guys working on bringing back the WR History graph? Is this more a 2 week thing or a 6 month thing?

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@6oliath6oliath If you click on Edit Theme it even states at the top of the page: "This is the theme that everyone will see on your profile.
To change the theme that you see as you browse the site, go to Settings."

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@FragbringerFragbringer More like a 2 week thing. Sorry about the delay, it got obsoleted with the latest version of jQuery and needs to be updated. I'll keep you posted.

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Scratch my last suggestion.
Why is there even a direct link from the topbar to edit your profile theme at all? It's not the kind of oft-visited menu option that needs to be accessed from anywhere on the site. It should probably be relegated to a subsetting under Edit Profile.

I think you should consider cutting the topbar user icon/name dropdown down to View Profile; Edit Profile, Site Settings, Mode switch; Log out.

The little palette icon is cute tho.

Sorry to devote much text to such small points, I think they will reduce confusion over the long term.

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While working on the new WR graph, please consider implementing any of these feature requests from two years ago:


- Click a run on the graph to be taken to it
- Toggle all categories on/off on the graph
- Handle issue of multiple WRs per day

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Along with being able to alter the scale of the axes.
@6oliath6oliath I suppose like how "Edit Theme" is below "Edit ___" elsewhere on the site, so it is with your profile. Could go either way, but I don't currently mind the consistency.


New category tabs! If the regular tabs won't fit on a single line, they'll automatically display like this:

Credit to @FURiOUSFURiOUS for the CSS.

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Is there a reason behind why the table contents are displayed centered? It would look so much cleaner if they were pulled to the left, even on mobile.
Here's a quick comparison:

Best regards


Could it be possible to have an option for spacing out the tabs to fit a single line if they don't normally fill it all the way? The multi-lined boards look quite nice - it'd be great to be able to select the style for all boards.

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now, if we could also get that 000ms displayed, then we could have a wonderful world

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The tab for "misc" is overlapping the lower border for Any%.

This is on mobile, chrome browser, Titan Souls game.

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I would only like 000ms to be displayed if manually set, leaving empty fields to be displayed without ms as they are currently.

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Issue is that the db stores times as, so to the server, a time put in as 3s 000ms or just 3s is the same.

I would've wanted more of a category toggle per timing method,
e.g. for games where ingame-time is only tracked to the second, but rta/loadless etc is tracked with ms.

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My issue is that I do not want milliseconds to be displayed for runs that are not timed that accurately. Currently the policy on the board I manage is that the only runs where ms are shown are the top runs that we manually re-time and everything else stays only timed to the second. I just think that it presents well visually, while staying accurate.

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I have the exact same issue.
I don't want milliseconds displayed for runs that are only precise to the centisecond.

But it's been that way for years.

Hopefully now that the ui has changed and the board settings page is a lot more expandable, we will see changes like this in the future.

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If you want to run a 2-class system where slower times are less worth,
that's you - but the site shouldn't have to accomodate for something like that.

This should suffice then?
The settings on the game-edit page would be used as "default" when creating new categories,
so they're not going to become useless when something like this would be implemented.

Accuracy field would be governing the accuracy of timing used for the timing methods,
so if you want to track real time in deciseconds but the ingame-timer is accurate to the centisecond, you could.

(Although what I would add still would be a "allow time of 0" checkbox for games like Picross,
where the igt is only counting up in seconds and starts at 0, so if you beat a level in less than 1s, it would show 0s)

This honestly goes back a bit to when @ROMaster2ROMaster2 was still working on the code,
he planned to make categories govern their own timing stuff.

The image @ROMaster2ROMaster2 was showing back in december 2017 for comparison

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