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Hello speedfriends. Continuing on again from the other thread (which I'll now be locking so the discussion can continue here). I've just finished making the second round of amendments to the new layout, and I hope you'll be happy to hear about some of the updates.

• Theme customisation has pretty much been fully implemented into the new layout. This not only includes backgrounds and logos, but also foregrounds, icons, fitting options, positioning options, repeating options, scrolling options, panel colouring, and opacity.
• Old themes have been ported over, and in some cases may be merged with the new primary colour. You may want to review your themes to check they look okay on the new setup.
• For full transparency, I want to list the colour options that were not brought back, and why:
    ◦ Panel border colour: Borders around panels have been removed in general
    ◦ Row border colour: This is now generated from the panel colour
    ◦ Text colour: This is now generated from the panel colour
    ◦ Heading 1 colour: This is now always white, since it's been given styling separate from the rest of the text
    ◦ Heading 2 colour: This is now always white, since it's been given styling separate from the rest of the text
    ◦ Link colour: This now uses the primary colour
    ◦ Navbar link colour: This now uses the primary colour
• The default green is now darker on Day Mode.
• The default green is now lighter on Night Mode.
• Username colours now load on Day Mode, but have their brightness restricted so they don't clash with the white.
• The background of an inactive leaderboard category tab now has a proper background.
• The site-browsing theme system has been brought back. With this you can choose a theme with which to browse the site. Old favourites like Dreamhack and Milk (time-dependent) are also back.
    ◦ With this, I believe it's now fair that custom themes on profiles is once again made a donator-only feature as it was for accounts created since 2017. However the threshold has been increased to make them remain available for any accounts already created as of the time of this post.
• The old default theme is now available to use as a site theme (it's called Old).
• When on the Settings page, your site-browsing theme will be loaded (rather than your profile theme) so you can see which theme you're selecting.
• Setting opacity below 100% will no longer make the main content show behind the semi-transparent navbar as you scroll down the page. Instead you will only be able to see the background behind the navbar, which should blend in with the rest of the page.
• On a coloured navbar (i.e. on a theme where "navbar colour" is set to "same as primary colour"), username colours are muted so they don't clash.
• Series pages now show their themes correctly.
• Panel opacity is now limited between 70% to 100%.
• For all previous visitors to the site, Night Mode is loaded by default.
• When editing a theme, pressing Save now reloads the same page so you can continuously preview your theme.
• The old caching glitch has been fixed. Now when you upload a new theme image, it will update automatically and you won't have to hard refresh to see it.
• As always, you can hide custom themes in Settings.

With this update, a few glitches have also been fixed:

• Hovering over a search bar result now shows the pointer cursor instead of the text cursor.
• The marathon donation tracker info message's styling has been fixed.
• The region selection glitch on runs has been fixed.
• The delete tag glitch has been fixed.

I expect there'll still be some tweaks to get this just right so please keep the feedback coming 🙂

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I still miss the button to reverse the order of streams on the streams page.
It's small, but I used it a lot.

Also thanks for all the quick updates and the response to feedback. 🙂

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Very glad to see the time and thought put into amendments is clearly paying off now. Many will be happy to hear about these latest reverts and improvements.

FIXED!! Visual bug to report:
I'm on mobile, browsing the site with the default dark mode theme (green and charcoal).
However, my mobile browser is still trying to use the colours from my profile theme (blue).
As a result, I have a blue browser bar adjacent to a green topbar. Doesn't look great.

https:/​/​imgur.​com/​pTOn9EH normal browser bar colour, in day mode.
https:/​/​imgur.​com/​sKJjGkb dark mode enabled, browser bar is suddenly blue even with "default" site theme.

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That's big improvement over the "remove customisation because some of them don't look great" update
this update is looking great so far.

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Is the Navbar using its own version of the background? Ive noticed on my background that it abruptly cuts off and doesnt look very pleasant, is there something i can do to fix that? https:/​/​gyazo.​com/​9ef377b4302bb2fec890c0591d06a620


Any chance that we might be able to disable custom themes only on specific games? Some of the custom themes are great and I'd love to use them, while others... yeah, good reason to be able to hide them.


I think this works out for everyone and fixes bad boards. I think it also means that without custom text color I can actually read every board. Awesome.


@LonneLonne Pretty much. It tries to position itself in the same way the real background does but it's tricky. I could possibly achieve it using JavaScript though...

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Bug on mobile browser, not sure if it's related to the new UI.


Well done, thank you for restoring the themes!


yayyyy my cookies are back !!!

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Will be good if the default theme is night mode for newcomers to this site, since custom themes are only for night mode anyway. It'll be awkward that newcomers will probably have no idea the themes exist.

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Backgrounds are kind of screwed on mobile right now, but I'm happy with these changes.


I am starting to like this site again 🙂


Very welcome changes so far, the biggest thing that I'd like to see changed at this point is that the WR History graphs in Statistics don't currently work. These are very useful for WR Progressions and the like, so I'd like to see these back ASAP!

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The top bar is that yucky green again for me, the setting I changed last time to make it go away is still on what I set it to. So is it possible to get rid of the green now?


Well this is odd. It shows up only some of the time.

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I have the same problem, no matter what I do, I can’t get the green to go away. It’s always there when I’m browsing the forums, but when I’m on my profile or a game page, it behaves like it should. No amount of theme editing is changing it for me.

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@emeraldalyemeraldaly and @TimmiluvsTimmiluvs You have the site-browsing theme set to Default. Go to Settings and you can choose a different theme. Set it to "My profile theme" to make your profile theme appear everywhere.

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