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Screw SMB, world of solitaire sounds absolutely bomb. I'm in.

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If it doesn't have the battle royale mode, I'm not playing it. World of Solitaire: Battle Royale is the best version


See me in Minesweeper: Online you won't

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thanks for participating, much love to all trolls.
in case some1 wondered, no answers, and no reasons for ban:
but as i see i am kinda lucky, only 1 week, other dude with major problem got 1 month...
also nice informative news post, i like it vm KEKW
bye 🙂

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Don't be rude, sir!
you'll be getting banned if you do that again!

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damn bro are you still trying to get banned again??????

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I think we all hope you get banned again.

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Communication is still a massive issue so this post is still relevant. Hope ya'll are down to see me bump this one back up til its fixed.

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Communication definitely needs major work, and being rude shouldn't get you banned. People are often less than tactful when they have a complaint (legitimate or otherwise), and are upset. People need to be able to voice those complaints with at least some conviction, or how is anyone to know how badly the issue is truly bothering the person?

That doesn't mean you need to be a nag (OP) and constantly emailing/tweeting/dm'ing mods/elo/etc; but we should reasonably expect to feel we're getting some feedback and response with legitimate complaints, especially when it is involving major changes and bugs caused by those changes.

Edit: fixing autocorrects

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Daily bump until communication between the site and its members is addressed.

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Don't worry bud, with covid I don't have anything better to do with my life.

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@AmeiAmei Don't forget the torch and hayfork.

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Do people really call it a hayfork?
I've always heard it as pitckfork.

Edit: Pitchfork dang it

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I guess hayfork is sometimes used.

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