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@Delekates got banned, didn't expect that!

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@Delekates got banned, fully expected that!

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Why the fuck was he banned lmao

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Yeah he posts emotes, english probably isn't his first language, and he's impatient, but that's most speedrunners in my experience. Must be some DM shit I guess. Glad that was added 🙂


As I posted in his other thread before it was deleted. We really need to be getting reasons to peoples bans. People do not want to be part of a community in which rules are so ambiguously applied that everyone has to feel like they're walking a razors edge anytime they have a complaint.

That being said, I'm sure the OP did something deserving of it in DMs knowing his demeanor; because I've seen nothing on here, outside of impatience and snark, that should get anyone banned (then again im not exactly following everything he says here lol)

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As I posted in the other thread, I think at the very least the reason “Cheating” should be displayed publicly. This would really help us mods in deciding whether or not to remove a banned user’s runs. Also, an interesting suggestion would be to auto reject all of a user’s runs if they’re banned for cheating, and if the ban is later reversed so are the rejections.

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Information on a ban would be quite helpful to know for cheating cases, definitely.

Would bet on this being something DM related though, yeah.

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We'll never know I guess and I'm sure he'll claim no reason when his 7 days are up :^)

Ya know communication with the users of your leaderboard website is pretty HECKing crucial. I'd complain about here, but then again the moderation thread was nuked and remade before because people wanted to discuss moderation, instead of use it just to make requests.

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they called me a madman


Almost a week with 0 communication with a community that thrives on communication, this is going well so far.

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well my man did something wrong to get banned


Is it about the ads?




  BrakshowBrakshow in wink wink I got me some inside info kinda Likely? Or you're just guessing like the rest of us?

I guess it doesn't matter. Knowing him he'll probably tell every board on the site about it once his ban is up.

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