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Here people, you can help - you can actually suggest how else i can reach Elo team.
Sent letter to and tagged all who has twitter in Elo in
I don't think it's a good idea to send DM to those people so this falls off, for now.
Next PMed LewisAndSpark. 2021-04-16 20:00 gmt+3
Just trying to get any kind of response, no result yet.

(letter was sent 2021-04-16 12:30AM GMT+3/ 5:30AM EDT)
info about letter: no auto-response, no thank you for reaching out, nothing.
info about form that is sent via web: "we will reach you shortly", this is message that appears when you finish it. Shortly is within a day for me, for some within an hour and for some within a month/year. No auto-respose letter sent to the email, that is left for contact, no thank you, no nothing.

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KEKW @LaxxusLaxxus, don't forget to edit post when they won't respond in a week KEKW

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They see your threads, buddy. Do you think sending an email would actually get anything other than silence or an auto generated response? If they have a plan to roll out monetization no amount of kicking, screaming, or shitting yourself will change that.

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KEKW I am amazed, how people fail to read the actual need of the thread KEKW
KEKW @KomradeKomrade here buddy, i'll be kind KEKW Help me find any other meanings to reach out Elo, please.

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Strictly speaking, the correct way to submit feedback/point out issues is through the Support Hub, but you probably already knew that. If you're expecting like back-and-forth communication with them, you're probably gonna be disappointed. I wouldn't have bothered with the email tbh, but since you already did that, seems like you just need to keep waiting since hasn't been that long since you sent it. Other than that, there's really not much else you can do.

Definitely do not DM individual Elo employees or anything like that, that won't do you any good.

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Alternate thread title: Delekates is unreachable or i am doing it wrong?

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KEKW blocks are working, can't see dumb posts KEKW

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With companies, reach you shortly doesn't usually mean "shortly", it's closer to 3-7 workdays or two weeks.

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how is this person not banned or something yet, seriously?


Since when did people get banned for being dumb

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Yeah just let him vent he'll either stop complaining or leave the site, I'm guessing the former.



i wish twitch auth is a thing so i can use subbed emotes from my fave streamers.


dont feed the troll


KEKW thanks for keeping thread alive KEKW

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KEKW no worries KEKW

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