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It appears I can't delete any runs done by anyone other than me, even for games where I am supermod. I can reject, but not delete. I'm pretty sure this is a bug.


Changed: Mods can no longer delete runs, only reject them if needed. Users can still delete their own runs if they so desire.
Contact a full mod if you think a run should be deleted but you can't because of this change.

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The person who submitted the run + the person who did the run should be able to submit the run though. If a mod submits a run for someone else and notices that he did a major mistake (accidently submitted a duplicate), he can't delete the run. That's super annoying.


Since Metroid Prime Trilogy now has its own google doc, we decided to remove the segmented runs from I guess this means I have to reject them all instead of deleting them? I don't think this is really the purpose of rejection. I guess I don't really agree with this change at all.


The purpose of rejecting runs is exactly this. It's basically saying, "This run doesn't abide by the rules set, so the run is being declined." Even if the runs have been accepted in the past, if the community at large accepts the changes, it's the best way to notify segmented runners that that type of run is no longer accepted.


From what I recall when a run is rejected, there's a chance to enter a reason. That could then be used something along the lines of "This run has been obsoleted due to a change in ruleset" or similar. I agree that it seems out of place though. While it does prevent abuse it causes issues for when leaderboards want to make major shifts in rulings and possibly a large number of runs must be removed (Thinking of prime 3 where low% has changed definition a couple of times in the last months, each time all the runs need to be removed [not that there's many, but it is an example])


I'd be fine with the person submitting the run also being allowed to delete it.

From a site standpoint, it's much harder for users to keep track of runs if moderators can delete them without notifying. It's mostly because rejecting is the best form of documenting a run removal currently, and that's the current intention.

I would like to move towards separating out what's on the board from what a user can track eventually. Users being able to track PBs (possibly for games that don't even exist?) and then the board being able to accept or deny them separately would be helpful. I think this is a long term goal though.


kirkq: Maybe think about allowing mods to delete runs that aren't linked to accounts as well? At the moment, the only way of deleting them is a mod editing it to tie it to their own account.


Game mods are now able to delete runs they submitted, even if they submitted it for someone else.
Note that if someone is unmodded, they won't be able to delete runs they submitted for others while being a mod anymore either.