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Which should I use when I improve my speedruns? I've been using the edit feature because I wasn't sure if submitting would show two of my times on the same leaderboard.


I submit my new PB, and it will make your old one obsolete and it will not be shown on the leaderboards (unless it uses a different console or something)

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Always submit a new run. The old run will become "obsolete" but will still be saved. This will let people see your PB history for a game on your profile, and the history of the games records.

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Thanks, guys. I wasn't sure how it worked, so I'm glad I found out rather early.


Submitting new runs everytime helps to keep track of your progress.

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You can even submit old runs that were your PB once. I recently did that for all of Wind Waker's World Record History for example.


That's cool how runners can submit retroactively. It was easy to add the old runs that I edited over.

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I'm new to this site so I made the mistake of deleting a run when it was still pending because I had beaten that PB in the meantime and submitted the new PB instead. If I I re-submit the old run for keeping a history of my PBs and set the date to when the old run was recorded (which was obviously before the new run) will it show up on my profile chronologically or does it always show the runs in the order they were submitted?


Runs in the same game are never shown chronologically or by order of submission, they are always sorted by the final run time.
In case you re-submit an old PB which is obsolete, you won't see that run anyway, unless you toggle "Show obsolete runs".

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