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I've heard it also happens to other users who are named the same as a game that's on SRC.


It's not a "theme ban"; it's a bug that prevents you from adding/editing your profile theme, if your username share the same URL with an exist game (probably).
What is the URL of the page after you press "Add Theme"?

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Still the same as usual


Maybe try putting “user” in the URL


What is "Still the same as usual"?

Please write what is the URL when you click on "add theme". This may or may not give clue about what's wrong.

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I've sent a bug report with all the relevant info and where the problem is,
hopefully they can respond or resolve it soon.

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Hey there, thanks for the report. I don't have an ETA, but wanted to acknowledge that we've seen this and will be fixing it shortly.

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i don't know if it's best to advertise here but i am experiencing some issues because of my name and it messes up a lot of stuff. i made a bug report in the support hub and a thread discussing the issue yesterday, if you could look over the situation it would be greatly appreciated. here's the thread: