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You steal a run, you get slapped in the face by the game mods / site staffs

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I do think people banned for these very specific things should at least have some sort of notification to mods, mainly cheating/stealing runs, that sort of thing, perhaps via notification to all games they've submitted to or something.

It's kind of hard for mods to know the user stole runs in the first place when:

1. No message of any kind on their profile.
2. Bans aren't discussed

Personally I'm with Komrade on this; you steal multiple runs and it's confirmed all your runs should go. You've lost the privilege of participating by being a dirty cheater in the first place. Leaderboards are very rarely entirely accurate anyway either because people choose not to submit or their times are removed due to reasons aside from legitimacy.

The site is as much about communities as it is leaderboards, and cheaters IMO do not belong in it.

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You bring a good point. Guess I'll remove some of Jaypin's times from a leaderboard I mod.


That was gonna be next point, that leaderboards aren't ever truly accurate anyways, and that almost all of them are based on trust rather than anything else. Given how easy it is to cheat, and as Jaypin has shown, steal runs, if you lose that trust by cheating, you should lose your runs.

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I mainly have a copyright mark in my runs, so keep that in mind.

just to be sure if my runs get stolen

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That could work for some games/leaderboards. I personally wouldn't allow someone to intentionally obscure their gameplay, but it could depend on the game. I remember awhile back some kid obscured 90% of his run with a watermark and was blasting music in his VOD and he came to the forums to bitch about how it got rejected lmao.

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It's worth a shot

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Considering he hasn't seemed to address it at all, and that he seems to have a not insignificant amount of subs - I'm guessing he'll ignore it and/or delete it.

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For watermark I usually just have some semi-transparent text of my handle in the bottom left corner.


The only "watermark" I have in my runs is a shaky handcam and/or custom music over the run


My watermark is I mostly play incredibly stupid things. No one wants to steal an hour and 15 minute run of Castlevania Amiga. =P

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hell yea brother


There was a troll account a few months back that blatantly stole runs from every game that was on the front page of the site at the time. So if somebody's run it at just the right time, it could still happen.

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well after a few days debating if i should remove his legit runs. i have came to the concusion that since he blantly stole runs from others all his runs should be taken down and i suggest that anyone that mods any games he has ran should also do the same.
if we allow one person to think this bullshit is ok then others will follow so its time to cut the head off the snake!


I sent him a message and he just deleted my comment. I'll try a more formal twitter dm but I doubt he'll respond. I think he just doesn't want anyone to talk about this, even though his ban reason is public.

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Good evening, I wasn't expecting to find this forum that easily.
Jaypin used to be the only mod for the runs of DemonStar. He and I were the only people to submit runs and talk on the game's forum. I don't see anyone else interested in running at this time and this mightn't happen for a while, but this... is a weird situation to see.


I used to compete with his times on Pac-Man DX edition back in the day. I wonder if any of those were taken too ... ? 😕 Big Rip

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It's very likely it was only the few sonic game runs that were stolen but we can't know for sure as he's still yet to make any comment on the situation

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He did make a comment on the situation, he sent a DM to @WalgreyWalgrey a while ago
I don't trust him tbh, but idk

It's just that when you spend all your time on the site not interacting with people, and you actively try to cover up the situation for months, it doesn't give me a reason to trust you


Oh yeah, forgot about that. It wasn't a public comment so it barely counts though

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