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Has anyone else noticed there’s been really low activity around here lately? I think I’m going through forum withdraw, please send help.

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Probably because I stayed up for the night

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I have been inactive because i am currently working on a project and i don't really have time to muck around on the forums

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I actually got a bit of a case of food poisoning during the weekend, so that put a damper on things 💀

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I also noticed it hasn't been as active, seems like a lot of the regular posters dialed back a bit all at once. As for me, for the past week I've been having a long-running dm convo about Foxbot, which has occupied much of my typical forum browsing time.

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I'm also quite busier than normal.
Didn't run almost anything in the last month, too.

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others arent posting so im not posting

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Same. I find myself talking only when others are talking.

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agreed i'm still kinda a new member but forums do seem dead

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i'm still kinda a new member

Didn’t you sign up 8 months ago?

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School eats a lot of time, so I don't talk much. By the time I eventually read the forums, someone else has probably already said what I would have said, so I just like their post and stay quiet. I only participate in threads when I have something to add.

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@Act7Act7 8months???? Damn it seem like yesterday

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I have the flu+fever

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Generally they're quite inactive as there's very little reason to post in 99% of forums unless someone else is asking a question (unless you have one for some reason). Also the general forums shouldn't have much use since this site is build around speedrunning the game you want, so most discussion is held in related discords and whatnot. As for otherwise, finals are comin up in college, so anyone dealing with that will be much less active.

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My honest answer is that the site and the forums just ain't what they used to be. I really only log in now just to check if I've got some run I need to verify. I had my fun for a few months with memes and pastas, but I'm just kinda done with ELO now.

The forums used to be pretty active, they've just gotten progressively quieter since the takeover.

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I think the week with that one relentless account that tried to accuse the other guy for cheating,
has collectively made us all tired.

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I agree. What happened a while ago was very unnecessary. A bunch of people probably thought that the forums would be going downhill because of forum spammers, bots, and just complete ass holes. The talk forums have been going downhill for a long time. Can ELO please do something about it?

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This site is total horse shit, it feels like the people that run it are mentally deficient, and I started university. So I only log on and check the forums once a week or something

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Originally posted by Oreo321I think the week with that one relentless account that tried to accuse the other guy for cheating,

Oreo, seems you were too optimistic.

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