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For the game Flushed Away (GBA) I have a run pending in the any% category and it has yet to get verified. This on its own isn’t an issue but the mod for the SRC page hasn’t been active in around 6 months. I also tried contacting him via discord and still no response. I would really appreciate it if I could have some help with this situation.


If your run has been pending for a few weeks, you can request to replace them via the support hub. You can find the answer to this and other questions in the FAQs thread in the speedrunning forum.

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First try reaching out to the mod via some of their other social media. If they still don’t respond, you can request to be made moderator of Flushed Away through the support hub. If you’re not willing to be mod, you’d just have to wait until somebody else comes along who can verify it.

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Strange, I didn't see any contact on Discord! Or any notification of your run pending for that matter. huh, I'm sorry dude.

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