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Doesn't seem fake to me; a chance for gift cards in exchange for filling out a survey is nothing new.

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the only thing the form asks for that an advertiser might want is email address, everything in the form looks legit to me. I've pinged starsmiley about it, but I think it's real. I'm not gonna fill out the form until I get a response though

unlike the other ads, there isn't a little x or google thing in the corner, so another reason I don't think its an ad

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Ever watch a youtuber or what have you that gives away amazon gift card codes? They're never real.

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Well, surely there is a better way to convey that message, than doing it in the form of a pop-up ad.
It covered half of my phone screen, and I instinctively closed it without even reading what it says lol.

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@Oreo321Oreo321 Perhaps they especially want research on users who read & click on ads?

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@Oreo321Oreo321 At the least, it could be smaller and flatter and maybe hide when it's blocking things like the textbox. The implementation of the banner is hardly perfect; on posts with a page select, the currently selected page shows up in front of the banner.

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Didn't they already do this exact same thing, just without the potential money incentive? Why can't they just get feedback through the forums or something.

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I mean baiting feedback with the """chance""" at an Amazon gift card is probably more effective?

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Yay I can buy Inside for the 9th time then! And I only need to sign up for the worst shit ever. But at least I can give Playdead more money. (I don’t really wanna admit how much money I already gave to Playdead...)

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people would do it for free, and did it for free.
and are still trying to do it for free on the forum.

this is to bring people to show which parts of src are mostly used.
and where to gain more clicks. (at least filling it out seems like that)

Edit: And for that i have to say:
build up the forum.
and try to make them a better/bigger hub.
you wont be able to compete with discord for fast chat.
But being a place for more ordered discussions would be great.

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@KomradeKomrade with the excellent, wise words- such a profound, philosophical statement

its honestly a statement to live by

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