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Hi there,

With the left 4 dead 2 moderator we have made some change about the game extension and we would like to delete those 3 game page:

The reason is because two of them have no run and we moving out left 4 mario on a new page who regroup every extension here:


It seems you're a supermod of those 3 games, so, if you select "Edit game" and then click the arrow in the top right, there'll be an option to "Delete game"


The delete game button only exists for 2 weeks after a game is added. Those games have existed longer than 2 weeks so site staff needs to do it.

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Ah, I see. Sorry about that.


Hi, i'm actually reviving this old thread in case if any staff member saw it, because those pages are still up while i thought they were deleted.


With how much series have changed, we won't delete them. Since Dead city has no runs, I've removed that one.