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I'm not very good at speedrunning, so does the run i submit need to be fast?


To the best of your ability. It's a bit of a subjective area. So long as it looks like an attempt to go fast was made.

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Yeah, if it's a conscientious attempt to go fast, that should be readily apparent. Take for instance the 6 hour SMB1 run - - I can't deny that there may be some entertainment value to be had in it, but is it an honest attempt to complete the game as quickly as possible? No. It's a lot of dicking around, trying to achieve pointless glitches, and dying (probably) intentionally.

Contrast that with the 12 minute run just 11 places up on the leaderboard - - It shows lack of skill and inexperience with the game, but he's clearly doing his best to complete the game as fast as possible.

The difference is readily obvious, and it doesn't take an iconic game that nearly everyone has played for the difference to be so apparent. (Just has the quickest examples 😛 )


Just do your best and have fun! People are usually happy to see new players no matter their ability.


A given rule is to beat the last place runner for the game you're running, that way you're guaranteed to make the cut, if there's such a thing. Common sense applies, don't submit a 6h run for a 5min game. But you don't need to be amazing to be a speedrunner no, most communities are just happy to have new runners taking an interest in their game.


^ Not un-good advice in a general sense, but the question was regarding a new game request.


my bad, guess I missed the headline! But ya when it comes to routing new games, no standard has been set and anything you do will be outdated given time and new strat discoveries regardless. The core rule for submitting for new titles is to make an effort to go fast. Which basically translates to "Don't game over 25 times or get stuck for 2h on this one segment of the game". An effort to be fast should be made and you should have some understanding of what you're doing. Do not submit a blind playthrough basically.


From the site moderation rules, section "Run requirements"


Run Requirements

• A minimum effort requirement is reasonable. It is recommended to at a minimum accept a first playthrough done in one sitting with an intention of playing the category quickly.