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Recently I submitted a request for the webgame "Arrow Quest", which was rejected for not being "notable". I personally don't see how adding smaller games hurts anyone, especially if it's a decent speedgame that meets the criteria and there are people that enjoy playing it (Arrow Quest doesn't appear to be short or trivial, and there are already a few people interested in it). Furthermore, there are other obscure webgames that were submitted by their creators and got added, particularly the "Platformer Game" series ( Now, I understand that the first game in that series was added over 2 years ago, and that the rules for adding games have changed since then, but I still don't see the point in restricting games based on "notability"; again, I think that if it's a decent speedgame and people enjoy speedrunning it, it should be added just like any other game on

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I second this. If the game is fun and people run it, why shouldn't it be given a place on src. Why should smaller less notable games be forced to go back to the GoogleDocs of Old.

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They were added before the rules were in place, and site mods cant manage 100k leaderboards.

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There are a lot of reasons why we don't want to track every single video game in existence. I gave a pretty in-depth answer a while back in this forum post, but the tl;dr is:
• There are just way too many games.
• Every game we add to the site has a very real maintenance cost.
• A lot of people who request these shorter/simpler/less noteworthy games are literally just trying to get a leaderboard created that they "own", and don't actually care about the game at all, or maintaining said leaderboard, etc.

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Could a game be considered more notable if there already is a externally managed board with a couple runners and run videos? Especially if the community mostly does it to have the mod tools and findability srcom offers.
Just had to think of a recent EZScape video where he interviewed someone from ELO. They mentioned that they would be happy to welcome externally managed leaderboards if they would benefit from new srcom features

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I believe in that interview they were specifically referring to communities who have deliberately chosen to not use in the past (such as the Halo community), but in any case, the existence of an established speedrunning community is something that we may take into account when looking at game requests.

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What qualifies as a game that is not notable? What if a game is reasonable long with effort put into it but it doesn't sell well, is that not "notable"? I assume this is mainly for things like flash games but I've wondered.

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@AlexisDRAlexisDR I will tell you an example for not notable - I couldn't even find a single reference to a game called "Arrow Quest" in Google or Youtube.

To be a little more serious, "notable" mostly refer to the quality of the game in terms of mechanics and graphics, and also how much effort was put into the game from the developer perspective.

It has nothing to do with the popularity of the game, or how many runners it have.

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