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So something I have been noticing is that I have been getting completely ignored by SRC staff ever since they "blacklisted" me from moderation request. They have never said how long the blacklist would last since they told me to take a break from the Moderation request thread. I have tried to contact SRC staff and they haven't gotten back to me. I waited for 6 months to request moderator for the Rolling Hero games as I have pending runs in all 4 games for at least 6 months. Both the times I requested that game I have been ignored by SRC staff. Note I have waited 6 months and they never told me exactly how long I am "blacklisted" from Moderation request. If they don't want me to be added or something they could just respond to my request and say it.


Honestly thought an admin already replied. Appearantly not. Either way, the blacklist remains in effect.

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