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The moderator "DreamRifty" has been reuploading my run and submiting then as his own. In the Fractured Minds leaderboard he rejected my run for the reason "reuploading other people runs". Then a few days later "he" got a new wr(which is just my run uploaded to his yt) Where can i find help?


Support Hub.

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If he reuploaded your video, why is the upload date on his run several days before yours?

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GSB: 0 submitted runs
DreamRifty: many runs on fractured minds and category extensions dating back 5 months + multiple live twitch speedruns

GSB: uploaded the run april 5th
DreamRifty: uploaded the run april 1st

This must be a troll, it's such a blatant attempt at cheating

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dont think thats the case, but he could be so incompetent that he first put the video on unlisted and then set it to public.
This overrides on youtube the date displayed.
(the upload date still can be accessed via Video analytics)

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@survivalMichisurvivalMichi I already knew that, but I rather doubt the OP did. Let someone making this kind of accusation answer for themselves.

Edit: The video analytics wouldn't be useful as proof, since it could easily be edited on his end. He'd have to demonstrate that he'd posted the link somewhere DreamRifty had access to it prior to DreamRifty's run. Which, if his claim were true, would most likely be in his run submission. Except he also didn't join the site until April 5th, so that can't be the case either.

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I'm gonna contact DreamRifty about this, but I'm pretty sure this is another case of a guy trying to take credit for something he didn't do. Unfortunately, this isn't the first time I've seen someone say that another person reuploaded their run and it turned out to be a troll.

Edit: I've sent @DreamRiftyDreamRifty a dm, time to wait

also, hahhah is right. His account joined 3 weeks ago, and april 1st was 4 weeks ago, meaning DreamRifty couldn't have gotten the link to the run, especially since the video was supposedly unlisted at the time.

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@hahhah42hahhah42 "dont think thats the case"
@GSB25GSB25 and as proof you should maybe record how you show it in youtube analytics its pretty much the only proof you can have. KEKW


Get banned kid!

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what was that.

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Does this kind of stuff happen often in Valhalla?

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I thought Valhalla was supposed to only house the most noble warriors?
This guy must be a fraud. I'll bet he's in Hel.

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Originally posted by DreamRiftyHe tried

What he did was essentially copy all the answers for a test from his classmate sitting right next to him and turning it in without changing even as much as the name, so I wouldn't even say he tried KEKW

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@Lieutenant_BooLieutenant_Boo valhalla should be region locked like other nations.
way to many people having it as a country nowhere near the real deal.

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there was an attempt

nobody ever said it was a good one

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Can't believe SRC banned him for trying to get credit for his run. SRC is defending cheaters 🙁

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