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That's exactly what I was saying.



The controls awful, terrible audio and music, and enemy ai makes you want to punch your PC screen. Not only that, the download link is on a sketchy site that I'm pretty sure has a virus attached to it.

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Castlevania Judgement is a pretty awful speedgame, as is a lot of 3D fighters arcade modes. It's all about hard focusing a cheese strat while hoping the AI cooperates by doing nothing. There's strategy to it, don't get me wrong, there's some really high skill stuff that goes into each run especially when trying to recover a bad situation, but it's just... bad overall. Not the worst on the site though.

This is coming from the WR record holder DatFace

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The super mod for this game is pretty much giving out mod to everyone who runs the game. The category setup isn't good either.

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I ran the chungus game and I didn't get super mod 😡

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Do you really think this is the right place to advertise a discord server?


errrrr no... ill delete the post


probably some shit like among us u cant even speedrun that shit it's just all tasks and kill dummies like wtf bro


The "Games and Profile Updates" run. Apparently rushed out the door to get a WR, but finished way before actually beating the game.

Time to take this one off the leaderboard until it's done properly, I think.


What game are you referring to?

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@jackzfimljackzfiml The "Push competent updates to" game

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