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After seeing the rapid growth of a certain game in active you probably haven't heard of, I was inspired to make this thread. Said game in my opinion is the worst speedgame I've ever seen.

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What makes a speedgame "bad"?
Personally i think those things make a game bad for speedrunning:
- Lots of punishing RNG that cannot be manipulated (using the API would even require you to stay online)
- No routing opportunities (this can mean a bunch of things)
- no skill progression (someone that plays their first time can be just as good as someone that plays the game for years)
- unskippable cutscenes

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Example: the game jackz is talking about is Among Us Clicker.

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@jackzfimljackzfiml is the imposter!


I don't know the worst speedgame, but I do know the worst game I have ever came across. So naturally, it would probably have one of the worst speedruns ever.

Super slow, game mechanics are super confusing, hundreds of collectables, and no clear indication of what you're supposed to do (and if there is one, it's either too obscure or too complicated for me to figure out).

The page for it is also one of the worst ones I've ever seen. The "any%" rules say to finish the game as fast as possible, but the only verified run is someone completing a circus mini-game. Like..... huh?????????????
(wtf is this url too)

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Originally posted by Act7 @jackzfimljackzfiml is the imposter!

Good thing I left Among Us Clicker...

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I personally say it's minecraft. It's also super overrated

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WHAT it is not overrated, best speedrun game ever

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Angry Birds is the worst😤

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@Patrick_BarrettPatrick_Barrett "Overrated" is only your opinion regarding popularity; it has nothing to do with how much good or bad the game is for speedruns.

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No competition

Getting Banned from Any% has to be the worst game.


@TRLittleToasterTRLittleToaster Nevermind you win lmfao wtf is this shit

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@BaldicBaldic What the flipping flip is that garbo

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@starsmileystarsmiley or @elostaff someone do something about the game thanks

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This is why series moderation isn’t just given out anymore 😉

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@jackzfimljackzfiml it is, but it's rare and not to everyone.