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As the title says, can a sub/category for a game be ported into its own game such that all runs are preserved?

If not, can I submit it as a request for a new feature or is there something in the backend that prevents it from being possible?



To the best of my knowledge, importing runs isn't a feature yet; however, I don't think anything on the backend is preventing it from becoming a feature soon (don't quote me on that). As for submitting a request for a new feature, you can post your suggestion on this thread.


It's possible that admins can help with mass migration of runs. Contact them directly if they don't notice this thread.

Keep in mind it might take some time, as they have other priorities.

If push comes to shove, if you're a moderator for the target game, you can create runs on behalf of each user with a run then remove them from the old board. This can be messy though, you'll want to proceed very carefully.

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