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I don't get notifications when a user "likes" a post, tagging ...all the basic stuff. All I get is notifications for DM messages and verified runs etc

I've turned on all my stuff, weird

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Tagging people never sent notifications.
The site used to send notifications for liking a post, but this was disabled about a year ago. (Probably to remove some of the load from the service that handles the notifications.)

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@Oreo321Oreo321 I guessed that. The members are less informed / less engaged here because of that, to some degree



I actually stopped getting notifications from likes on posts awhile ago. Even though I have the settings on (and they were unchanged)

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I think notifications broke a little while ago, didn't they?

If they got fixed there was no notification/message saying they were I don't think.


Now I remember that there was a troll account about a year ago, who managed to find a creative way to harass people he didn't like - he went over their forum posts page, and liked every single one of them.
Then the other account got tons of useless notifications from it.



Tagging people never sent notifications.

I think it would make more sense if it did tbh.

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I don't think tagging people should send notifications.

It is very easy to abuse; and currently this is more of a way to mention another user, with more emphasis than just writing the username itself.
The mentioned user doesn't even have to be part of the conversation.

There are also the "joke mentions", usually seen in the Talk forums, with names like @HelloHello or @13371337 .

Edit: you can also mention people in game guides.


@Oreo321Oreo321 The simple solution is to have mention pings be a toggleable setting.

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Yeah what @QuivicoQuivico said above is what I meant.