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so i was thinking about speedrunning this game called death to spies but i dont find any runs of it on the site or online so ill have to request it, but since its a mission based stealth game and ill most likely mainly speedrun it in IL i was thinking maybe i could post a video of an IL run of like the first mission (there are about 11 in total) and once i learn all the levels and improve ill try to do full game runs, but the site doesnt say if i can post IL runs or that i have to do full game runs in order to request a game so can someone tell me?


Personnaly when i requested my games i didn't have much.

For initial D, i just had times for ILs / Time Attack but no videos, i added videos as i got better times though.
For Boktai, nothing, no videos, no guides, nothing at all, i just had categories in mind.

I'd say as long as you submit times later, it should be ok.


but in order to request a game you have to add a video of a run of it


I'd just go ahead and upload a run for submitting the game. Even if it's an awful time, it's proof that you run the game, which would be good enough.


i guess it would work but it would take a long time since the game by itself it quite long


one thing i thought of, is if its an IL based game, you could do crappy runs of each level, and upload or add them to a playlist somewhere. which would prove furthermore that you run it and that its not a full run based game


We've been pretty lax with what's required as a video. Just put in some level of effort to a substantial level in the game. Don't use the short 5 second level just for the sake of having a time.