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what does this mean im retarded lol

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I’m assuming this was in response to a game request you made?

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Essentially, the game isn't popular enough to merit setting up a leaderboard on this site.
The reasoning behind this is that there are thousands and thousands of games, and each leaderboard costs the site resources to maintain. Some games are very high quality and will be popular enough to support tens if not hundreds of runners. Other games (especially Scratch, web, or mobile games, but not necessarily) are so tiny or obscure that it's not worth the cost for the site to track runs.
If you still want to track times, you're invited to create your own leaderboards elsewhere (such as with Google Sheets) and manage your own community.

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I have the same problem with my game, i tought by posting it here would make it more popular.
But i cant


@OwerfoxOwerfox I just submitted a game request and you had to bump this thread? Feels like a bad omen...


Yes! Bad omen averted, Grippy made it!

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There are games that are so un-notable, yours truly is killing the leaderboard in one game and feels really lonely. no competition.