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  thisishowmymindworksthisishowmymindworks hasn't posted anything, but seems to be liking every single post in certain threads (see this or this as examples)

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Slightly suspicious response to a dead thread. Maybe I'm just paranoid but flagging to watch anyway.


(Probably) not a bot, noted, hi why all the mass-liking it's spammy and you should stop, and handled. In that order.


Kinda impressive the bot managed to use a quote

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Flagging just in case (fresh account, odd capitalizing/missed letters, channel does not exist as listed)


I know this isn’t a bot but idk a better place or way to report an account for trolling or making intentional “spam” posts (not to mention they have been attacking the SM64 forums it appears based on their recent posts). Let me know if there’s a a better or preferred way to report an account like this in the future

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Oh this guy's making rounds again? Joy.


@TimmiluvsTimmiluvs In general user reports should be done by DM, but for just straight garbage spam like this here is fine. At some point in the future we'll hopefully have a proper reporting system that everything will go through.

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