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@Bokoblins You might be right, I assumed they were a bot advertising some free to play game, but it looks like they may actually have a record for a high score on the game. My bad!

A lot of forum advert bots like to use "look at my high score on <link>", so it looked suspicious to me.


Thanks for looking out and securing this site. I dont know who a spammer is though im not a spammer whisper.


Posted an exact copy of this post made by HowToLol, but without actually having a run:

Also, post above by UstedButler might be a spammer judging by the responses to another thread.


Their one post is copied from Pac’s post about the language system.

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I was really hoping my crush from 90s picked up speedrunning

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I caught up most of this. I don't think it's really worth banning new users for submitting a single troll run, but if it's recurring we can ban them.