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Bot spamming this board, I can't link just the one because it's many.


The GTA Mods should be doing the reporting and forum post cleaning of the bots, perhaps they should add mods to do that if they don't have the time to constantly do it.


tbh there is already someone doing the cleaning for bots, the best we can do at this point is post it here and let them do their job, isnt that the point of this thread?

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Yeah but there's like 25+ bots on the GTA forum, and i believe this happened yesturday aswell, i posted in the forum and ask them if they are gonna let lightnator take of em or help him. I know Kirkq helps aswell, but Lightnator is on it most of the time.


If you're a game mod, please do NOT delete bot posts without reporting the accounts here, otherwise we won't know to ban the accounts and they can continue spamming.

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Can you add that to the first post or say this? :
Game mods who delete forum posts from spambots, please screenshot and report accounts here before deleting the posts. Thank you - Staff


The first post already states what it needs to well enough imo.

Also, screenshots aren't necessary (we have logs anyway and you'd be helping the spambots by reposting their stuff), and as long as they do get reported, it doesn't matter whether this is before or after deleting the posts.


Oh okay, thanks for telling me about logs.


I'd be fine with adding some additional people as forum mods if we were to code it (which does take time.) I think Gyoo refreshes this thread like 20 times a day though. We have a button to wipe all posts by a user, so it's pretty easy if we're around.



I think Gyoo refreshes this thread like 20 times a day though

You're not even close to the correct number Kappa
More seriously, I have the opportunity to check the forums from my workplace so I can do that thing most of the time... except when I sleep.