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  LorLor not a bot, but maybe a this is a troll account, a ban is appropiate for it.

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@LorLor At least give this account the benefit of the doubt. He hadn't done anything wrong (yet), and he even has a discord account linked in the profile.

Update: this account submitted something (probably a rickroll?) to Minecraft:
it was rejected with the message "no", then deleted the video, and then has never been seen again.

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Originally posted by Bob-chickenThank you merl for starting the great bot hunt

The Bot Inquisition

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Instead of banning them could you delete the accounts? They still have website links on their profile that anyone can click and get malware.

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  LorLor Troll account?

I dunno if he submitted a rickroll or not.

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  [user deleted]
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he has 1 run and no runs on his page


Doesn't that just mean it's not verified yet?

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but hey, who know if it's rejected.